My Intro to Markup and Typography for the Web

I’m taking my first Web Design course at my university, and it is nothing like I expected. This week in my intro course to Web Design, we learned all about the introductions to markup and typography. It is very important to use the right tags for the right action, and even more important is to close the tags when you open them! A lot of the times when I would try to make a web page or write up some code, I would write paragraphs and then it would never show up in the view box. Basically, remember to close the tags.

Speaking of tags, it is really important to use specific tags within specific tags. In other words, whatever style you want to make your website to be of, you have to put it in the style tab. For example, I would want to change the color of the text in the body and the logical thing I thought would be is to put the color options within the <body> tab, however it should go within the style tag because it has to do with the style of the whole document.

Being in the field of computer science, I am used to looking at the details and looking at the fine lines. However, I noticed that, a lot of Web Design is looking at the bigger picture in addition to viewing the simpler things. This week, we read an article that talked about how periods, the punctuation marks that end sentences, are going to be irrelevant, “according to millennials.” In this article it talked about how ““In an instant message, it is pretty obvious a sentence has come to an end, and none will have a full stop,” he added “So why use it?”” This just was a complete eye opener in the sense that designers and developers are looking at what the user’s preferences are, always. They look at the most minuscule things and put it in perspective for the bigger picture. Something so little, that we do not really think about in our every day texting/instant messaging lives, is very relevant to designers and developers all around the globe. This just goes to show how important typography is and how it affects people.