Welcome to the World of Web Design

The internet is made up of billions of computers all around the world and basically it is a vast place filled with connections and links to other computers. These links are with telephone lines, satellite connections, and cables. In other words, the internet is a way of connecting a computer to another computer. However, this is multiplied by a billion times. It is extremely popular, especially now, as we are in the era of technology. It is definitely an integral part of our everyday lives.

In this generation, filled with millennials, we really need to change the way we think on how we approach the internet and technology in general. This way we would know how to target this generation. One of the things that are very important to millennials is the concept of design. There are some expectations they have with a certain website in terms of the design element, such as interaction, user experience, visual design, etc. In a study that was recently conducted, compared to older adults, this generation is very confident in terms of their ability to navigate through digital interfaces, even when encountering radically new design patterns (nngroup). Due to this, designers have to be very careful how they place everything on a particular application or website, because everything is being noted.

According to the millennial generation, there are several key components in order to make a certain application or website successful. If it turns out to be successful, it would communicate trustworthiness to the user and thus launch. One of them being design quality, which has to do with the idea of making the site look crisp and legitimate. There should be appropriate use of white space, imagery, and color schema, including the fact that everything should be organized. This has a lot to do with the visual aspects of the web design component. Also, something one should make sure off is to have the most credibility, meaning their site should look professional and not have any typos.

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