International Boarding School in India

Studying in a Boarding school can be a life changing experience for a child because boarding schools let the child grow into a mature and independent individual who values time and discipline. Looking for the Best International Boarding Schools in India can be an exhausting task. In India, Dehradun in Uttarakhand is known for its Boarding culture. Some of the best International Boarding Schools are found in Dehradun. Located in the serenity of Himalayan foothills, Tula’s International School is one of the Top Boarding Schools in Dehradun. At the Tula’s, students get the unmatched benefit of International schooling and traditional Indian schooling based on the ancient Gurukul culture. The teachers are hardworking and dedicated to improve and enhance the lives of students. The Tula’s has co-ed boarding houses, separate for girls and boys.

At the Tula’s International, the Top International Boarding School in India, the students are given access to world class education and facilities. The Teachers are highly qualified and well-trained professionals who aim to enrich the minds of students with scholarly knowledge and overall edification of the students. The students not only understand the value of time and discipline, but also learn to use them efficiently for the betterment of their lives. The boarding houses have clean and spacious rooms and bathrooms with all the essential amenities like clean drinking water, laundry, cupboard, study table, book rack, ironing equipment and hot water. The health and hygiene of the students is taken special care of. They are provided with homelike nutritious food. The physical fitness of the students is also kept under check, and they are encouraged to play various sports like football, basketball, squash, badminton, cricket, lawn tennis, volleyball, swimming, cycling, taekwondo, horse riding, table tennis and Yoga. Along with physical health of the students, spiritual and mental fitness of the students is also regulated with appropriate counselling for the students. The teachers and the staff work hard to give the students homelike environment and care.

The security and well being of the students is a priority at Tula’s International, the Top International Boarding School in India. The House Master and House Mother look after the students and take care of their emotional needs. They also take care of the academic needs of the students along with the teachers. The students learn to live on their own and grow into well balanced, independent individuals. Each student is given individual attention and care. The students are prepared well for the challenges of the world and higher education. The Tula’s International is also called the modern Gurukul, because like the ancient schooling system of Gurukul, the teachers focus on the overall development of the students and not just the academic growth. Along with this traditional approach, the students are given access to up to date knowledge, study material and labs.

One of the best International Boarding Schools of Dehradun, Tula’s International focuses the all-round development of the students, helping them grow into global and hardworking citizens of India.