Through the Looking-Glass!

“The time has come”, the Walrus said, “to talk of many things: Of shoes — and ships — and sealing wax — Of cabbages — and Kings — ’’

Image Credit: Through the Looking Glass wikipedia


Every man is a diad, learning while sharing, sharing along the way to learning.So it was fun being Mentor at DeveloperWeek, New York. BigData, AI, Security. Swapped stories, and all.

Being Mentored

On flight back, i was seated with an elderly retired tech person.He had a stellar career in hardware chips and designing, intelligent and very wise person, and who would be mentoring me during this flight journey. 😀

Isn’t that a thing the universe does, with its classy sense of humor?

Mostly I am my most sweet contemplating quiet self on flights, however this flight was different.We talked nonstop on -

chips and chip design, how he had improved chip design, making IO cost 25% cheaper. He mentioned to have got 166 patents in designing chips. [Chips and hardware not my core area, but I am always interested in #allthethings Moreover if you get a expert around, talk about anything the expert wants to talk on.Its remarkable how much you can learn in short span of flight.]
Engineering is fun, and related stories
dark matter, negative energy in space, milky ways, how human being is important and at same time in large scheme of things, inconsequential, maybe just an experiment?
Cloning of sleep (dolly), human cloning, artificial intelligence
Did you know if one overturns a sheep it goes into comatose? Cloning of sheep is far easier.what makes a human is still hard to decipher

and several interesting topics.

The Big Questions — What Is ..?

He told me write things down when you are happy, as it will show.Hence the delay. Deep thinker that I am 😀, for days I kept thinking “What is being happy?”

Its like when I meet married people and ask them “What is love?” and they do not know.They had a ceremony. How do they not know? 😀

I was happy, how did i not know? 😀

Its remarkable but true, we do not know the answers for many basic big questions.Was that not the purpose of human life? to get/have the answers to these bigger questions?

Sometimes people do not know about operating system internals.They use the system every single day.If you do not believe me, try enticing someone in a party to talk with you about kernels, grub, bootstrapping, BIOS passwords, the /proc, file descriptors and limits on memory, pid’s,...😀

The Big Curious Questions — What If ..?What Then..?

How can we get to effective/correct artificial intelligence when most of us do not even know what we are experiencing now.

If art imitates life, would AI not be as confused as us?

This is a random post, of overlapping thoughts and events. It takes inspiration from the Walrus (of Alice:Through the Looking Glass), who says “The time has come to talk of many things: Of shoes — and ships — and sealing wax — Of cabbages — and Kings — ’’ 😀