Alpha test your Action on Google

Here is a short step by step guide how you can alpha test a Action on Google also known as Google Assistant App with coworkers. Be aware that this steps are not very intuitive so this is nothing for a Beta-Test.

I assume that you have already your Action ready for testing and it is already working in the Simulator. First open the Actions Console, select your project and view the permissions:

Click in the Overview on the gear and then on “Permissions”

There you will have automatically the IAM & admin on the top you can add new users which can get “owner” role. I did not check which is the minimum set you can choose, owner just worked fine for me.

Click on the top on “add”, then enter the Google Account of the coworker and choose the role “Owner”

When done the coworker should magically find this new action in his or her Actions Console.

Now let’s switch to your coworker, there he should choose the new or only project, after that click on “Simulator” and you just need to “start testing”.

Click on “Simulator” and then on “start testing”
Just click on “done”

In the new popup you just need to confirm it a last time by pressing the “done” button. Now your coworker can test your action on his connected Google Home or Google Assistant with “Speak with my assistant app name” which you defined earlier in your App information section in the overview.

Have fun with testing your Actions!