Stop / Start / Continue Question Set

This question set, also known as SSC or SKS (K=Keep) is a great way to get feedback as it focuses on an action (stop doing, start doing or continue doing).

“What should xyz stop doing?”
“What should xyz start doing?”
“What should xyz continue doing”

It’s also incredibly versatile and can be used to engage different stakeholders. For example xyz can be:

  • “your company” (ask your employees)
  • “I” (ask yourself)
  • “Jill Smith” (ask your peers)
  • “we” (ask your team)
  • “your teacher” (ask your students)

Another advantage is having the responses structured into three categories — this makes acting and reporting on the feedback easier.

Two important User Experience considerations are

  1. Make it anonymous (opt-in) — that generally leads to better feedback and more importantly shows you respect your audience
  2. No question should be mandatory — sometimes it’s tough to come up with an answer for all 3 questions

We like it so much that we developed a free, mobile friendly version that looks like this:

The mobile friendly Start Stop Continue Interface

You can set yourself up with these three questions for free here, the responses are emailed to you when they come in:

Once you create your question the system provides you with a unique link that you can send out and which works across devices.


You can add ? at the very end of the URL to pre-populate the identifier field.

For example this will show this at the end:

That’s a great example of how you make it easy for a respondent to say who they are but they can easily delete that field. This works great in conjunction with email campaign programs like MailChimp, Emma, Campaign Monitor, Constant Contact and the like where you can use the merge field.

If you would like a branded version, other languages, different question types and need reporting to handle the responses, set yourself up with an account.