Using MailChimp to Ask a Question

MailChimp is such a great tool to communicate digitally and integrating a question is very simple.

This practical how-to guide work with pretty much any question / survey tool but we are using as it’s so straightforward.

Rekommenders are big fans of MailKimp

First grab the question URL (link) from rekommend, if you don’t have a question yet you can set yourself up with a free one here: Free Question Creator

The end result could look something like this:

So how do we create that question link (in this example it is actually this link):

  1. Highlight the question text and click the link icon

As in the image below, you once you are editing the text of a text box you can type in your question, highlight it and click on the link icon:

2. There you select “Link to” → Web Address and paste the link

Now that will work and your email respondents will get to answer your beautiful, mobile friendly question when they click on it.

3. You can also add something called URL parameters to the link, ?email=*|EMAIL|* for example will auto-populate the recipients email in the identifier field of rekommend.

If you have other meta data you want to add to a user’s response (other merge fields such as location or client ID) you can do that to, just &var1= with the corresponding merge field and rekommend will include it in the response.

The best way to ensure that everything is working as it should is by selecting the Preview and Test option in MailChimp:-

Enable the live merge tag info to see the live link to test it out:-

Done! If you want us to follow-up and talk more about how to add context to the question (as to point 3 around the URL Parameters) just let us know in your comments or reach out to

Go MailChimp!