Detoxification: The Simple Truth

‘Whatever cannot be seen, conceived at once, thru simple reasoning is humbug, and not science!’

These are the prophetic words of Prof. Arnold Erhet as he refered to his method of healing through Natrual Hygiene, Fasting and a diet of Fruit and Leafy Green Vegetables.

It is the work of charlatans and crooks selling their snake oils and magic potions who try to convince the public that there is a deeper and hidden knowledge in regards to health, that only they can know. That you must pay greatly for this knowledge and supplement every nutrient you consume in a patented pill or drink. This is not so, for the truth is very simple and immediately begins to make clear the confusion of disease and ailments. Those who have tapped the truth and have begun drinking from its deep wells do so without fear, while those who still seek attempt tepid means of change that yield little or no results, and if they do yield results then they are unsure of why. People should become educated and empowered to take hold of their own health by knowledge of Natural Law as it applies to the human body. People must know the truth, and it lies in one simple equation…

Vitality = Power — Obstructions

Power is the electric current that runs through our bodies. Known as Qi, Chi, Prana/Apana or life force. It is also the the neuro-endocrine system that allows us to feel alive and strong. It is the blood that feeds the cells and the air in our lungs. These are all a part of that Power within us.

Obstructions are cell waste and digestive waste that block the power current, inhibit proper blood flow, shorten our breath and upset our endocrine balance.

Vitality is the resulting life energy of Power that goes un-obstructed. V=P-O.

How do we use this formula?

Taking this formula, we may then see the cause of any disease. And it all begins in the digestive tract. When we eat, our body has to break down food into components which can be absorbed and utilized by the cells. The cells then poop, and eliminate all the waste products into the Lymphatic System (cellular sewer system) which carries them to our elimination organs. We also eliminate the digestive waste which our bodies don’t absorb after digestion. This is the ideal function when eating, however it becomes severely complicated because of our eating habits and food choices. The greatest factor that leads to malfunction of digestion and elimination is the “over eating of wrong foods in poor combination.”

Combining foods is an art, and one that is often failed so miserably in modern cuisine. The noxious gases and acidic by-products of complex proteins (meat/dairy/legumes..), complex carbohydrates (bread/grains/potatoes..) and fats (butter/oils), when cooked at high heat and eaten together is detrimental to the body. These acids enter the body, triggering immune responses such as inflammation and the forming of mucus and pus. Mucus serves to buffer the damage of the acids. Pus is the result of dead tissue, blood, lymph and bacteria, and is a foul liquid substance that is forced out of the body through the closest passage, often through the skin. If the Lymphatic system cannot eliminate the acidic waste, and it becomes stagnant, the surrounding cells will begin to decay. This leads to weakened organ and gland function, bone and muscle degeneration and neurological weakness. It is the root of any and all diseases.

Over consumption of these foods only compounds the issue, preventing elimination from occurring and making the crisis into a chronic condition. Because the body cannot eliminate waste and accumulate new waste simultaneously, the instructions build up. Meanwhile in the stomach and bowels, the digestive waste is a hot mass that is incredibly sticky and acidic. Over time the waste will move from the stomach to the intestine to the colon, leaving remnants behind along the way. Those remnants then become stuck and eventually hardened to the bowel walls as “mucoid-plaque”. The plaque prevents proper absorption of nutrients, blocking the membrane through which they enter the body, and leaches more acids while making the perfect home for parasites. This horrendous illustration is no exaggeration. I have seen worms, plaque and all sorts of foul things come out of myself and others during fasts and detox. One can see plenty of examples on the internet of the alien like matter that is eliminated during enemas and colonics.

How do we eliminate obstructions?

We use simple methods that are tried and true. Focusing on diet and herbal protocols, we systematically remove any foods from the diet which are causing the problems (i.e meat, dairy, grains, processed foods) depending on the individual case, and use herbs to support regeneration and function of organs and glands. This speeds the healing tremendously. The best foods (fruits and starch-less vegetables) are not only the most nutritious but also help to heal the body from this chronic condition. Fasting then becomes very effective for taking greater steps forward into vitality, giving the body longer periods to eliminate waste. Conditions which took years, even decades to accumulate, in bodies that are weakened from generations of improper living, will take more than a few days of cleansing to regenerate. This process is one that takes a shift in perspective and lifestyle.

We use a complete system, taking all factors into consideration such as present state of vitality, all diagnosed conditions, symptoms, diet, lifestyle, budget, and personal goals and motivations. We advise a transition that is graceful and manageable.

Primarily we advise a diet high in fruits and starch-less vegetables. Fruits are quick to digest, produce NO toxins when eaten alone, and have miraculous regenerative potential. They are the highest in vibration, the most hydrating, the most alkalizing, the most detoxifying and the easiest to digest. They are extremely effective in cases such as cancer, neurological diseases and for regenerating tissue.

It is for everyone, the knowledge of how to live a life full of vitality and exuberance. This is a simple frame work that anyone can understand.

Reko Wilhelm

Vital by Design Regenerative Detoxification

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