This narrative takes place in Kenya throughout 2 weeks. It is in the heart of Kenya with the Massai people. Among the Massai people there is Edwin, he is a safari driver and he has his own house in a small village. Edwin is a very bold person and isn’t afraid to stay up for what he believes in. The purpose of this narrative is to let people know that happiness isn’t made from worldly things.

The world doesn’t create self happiness

Waking up to a world of poverty and happiness, His story and his smile was cereal. He has every right to be depressed and furious with the world but instead he loves everything and takes advantage of the positives in life. As Edwin shares his story you can hear how hard it was, you can feel his pain, and you can picture his story for yourself. You can picture his brokenness when his sister died, you can feel his anger with the people that he beat, you can picture half of his family in poverty and slowly separating.

. The life for a Kenyan is rather simple. You wake up, you see your loved ones, and then you are off with your day and you are trying your best to stay alive in the world. As for Edwin, he grew up with a fairly wealthy Kenyan family and always did what he could to satisfy himself. As Edwin matures he starts to blend in with all the other Kenyan people. He is hanging out with a crowd that is a bad influence on him. He has uncontrollable anger, and is just lost.

. Edwin’s jobs have been off and on and hasn’t had a set job for about his whole life. Up to the age 25–30 he found a job. No real big job but it was something that gave him some money, it was a safari driver. You could tell by Edwin’s voice that he cares a lot about his company and job. This job personally tested Edwin because of the anger he had and how he couldn’t control it. He would get out of his car and beat people, he would be drinking when she wasn’t suppose to, and he couldn’t find happiness. All of these things that Edwin did made him blend in with the rest of the Kenyan people. Until about 3 years ago when his sister died.

. “I feel like I was missing a part of me because we were so close. We were so close… so close.” Edwin said with tears in his eyes. He not only lost one of the most important people in his life, but he was also loosing himself. Around the same time that his sister died is when Edwin decided to give his life for Christ. He wasn’t sure about this whole God thing at first but then miracles started to happen. Edwin quite hanging around that group of people, he stopped his fighting, and his worries were fading away. After Edwin gave everything up he felt free, he felt new. He now attends church, Edwin doesn’t drink or fight any more, and he has a new start. As Edwin continues to sound emotional he says, “I have realized something. And the best feeling on earth is when you have a realization. I have realized that I have I love my job.” He continues to explain that his job is one of his favorite things in life. He shares that he gets to see Gods creation every day and loves his job even more when he has clients who talk to him. Edwin shares with tears in his eyes, “ the whole time that I drove Luke and the group around. I have felt apart of the family.” As Edwin continued to talk she says that happiness doesn’t come from man made things, it comes from God and the people of God.

. Throughout Edwin’s life he hasn’t had it easy. He is on the constant struggle for survival, but now Edwin has a new start. He has a new beginning. Edwin continues to drive his safaris today, he visits his family once and a while, and he is happy to say, “I live a good and happy life all because of my God.”

Personal reflection

My perspective has changed throughout writing this narrative because it has shown me that we have so much and we aren’t happy with everything we have. Memorable narratives can have a very eye opening feeling for cultures because it opens their eyes to something different. In this narrative it shows a little of a Kenyans mans life, Which is different from the average day. If I could change something with this unit I wouldn’t. I enjoyed this unit because it allowed me to think back of the good times in Kenya.

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