Panel at Tech in Asia (English)

RelaJet Tech
3 min readJul 3, 2018

It’s a pleasure to be invited by Taiwan Techmakers Association to share what we are doing. This article is written to share some insight about the Panel at Tech in Asia.

A: We know that RelaJet is focus on the cutting-edge technology of hearing. Also focus on the integration of software and hardware. Could you share about what kind of AI technologies you apply? And tell us what problems are you trying to solve with such technologies?

Blue: First of all, the bar to get into hearing aid is really high. In order to deliver real-time user experience, the whole process of sound need to be done in 10 ms. It begins with picking up sound, pre-programing, programing, post-programing. The pre and post-programing will take about 4–5 ms. In such condition, there are only 5–6 ms for sound algorithm to program sound data. There is not so much to do due to the limit of time.

RelaJet develop a NN engine to solve this problem. Our NN engine can receive and output PCM file directly. By doing so, we can spare the pre and post-programing and get almost double time to program sound. With this 10 ms, we can spilt the voice come from different person when there are people talking at the same time with accuracy of 60%-80%. There are tons of application we can do with this technology.

Take hearing aid for example, I can enhance the voice depends on my need. If I want to hear the voice of my father, I can teach the machine to spilt the voice of his from all the people talking at the same time and enhance it so I can hear him clearly under any scenario to improve the communication.

For further more application and detail, please visit our official site: Https://

A: Other than AI technology, RelaJet have showed your “Healthcare Chain”, a blockchain network combined with AI technologies. I am wondering how are you guys gonna integrate Blockchain and AI? By doing so, what kind of innovation and advantage are you bringing to the industry?

Blue: When it comes to blockchain, I want people to focus on the business part but not the technical part. At the end of the day, blockchain need to be used to show the real value of it.

With the engine we mentioned, we allow users to upload a voice data of 3–5 seconds long.We can enhance voice according to the data provided by the user. But the issue in this mode is that users will be concern about the data they upload. The blockchain network is originally used to provide a way to make sure the voice data wouldn’t be modified and will go into the right place. Then we notice that there are no health data exchange service on the market which can provide high security and high frequency at the same time. There is huge potential in this market.

Meanwhile we also notice that there will be a big opportunity in the business of health consumables. Through blockchain and token, we will connect all these and build an ecosystem to provide a complete user experience. We will release further more information about the service RelaJet gonna offer. Please follow us, there will be a lot more coming soon!