How we helped raise $13.25 millions at a $149 million evaluation in web3— The Odyss3y

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For over 9 months in 2023, we’ve had the privilege of collaborating with The Odyss3y — an accelerator and venture fund dedicated to supporting emerging crypto startups. Odyss3y provides consulting services and funding, offering up to $100,000 in direct investments and $5+ million through their partners. This assistance goes beyond mere financial aid, encompassing networking opportunities in webinars, access to cutting-edge technology, strategies for acquiring users and knowledge.

This case study delves into the business processes of investment firms, involving our creation of pitch decks aimed at raising up to $13.25 million for projects worth $149 million. It touches on our production of branding, motion videos, one-pagers, calendars, and websites, offering valuable insights for company owners and startups seeking accelerator or venture fund assistance.

Who is Odyss3y? How accelerators work?

The Odyss3y is an accelerator — a type of company designed to support early-stage startups by offering educational programs, mentorship, and often initial funding in exchange for a percentage in the company.

Like many accelerators, Odyss3y dedicates a quarter of each year to gathering applications from companies eager to join their program. To attract these applicants, Odyss3y utilizes its extensive expertise, strong industry connections, and substantial funding capabilities, offering up to $100,000 from its own reserves and facilitating access to over $5 million through its network of partners.

To collect applications, we developed a single-screen website for Odyss3y. In this brief period, we also conceptualized Odyss3y’s branding to last throughout its active cohort. Facing stiff competition in the investment firm industry, particularly from well-known entities like Binance and Kucoin, we scrutinized their commercial-focused approaches. Opting for a different route, we chose to represent Odyss3y as a journey.

All accelerator participants embark on a true odyssey, a journey towards success. By using mysterious digital landscapes and craters, we were able to create an atmosphere of venturing into the new and unexplored, yet incredibly enticing. This concept of travel became the cornerstone of our branding, aiming to reflect the path that Odyss3y promises to its startups, distinguishing it from the conventional commercial imagery in the industry.

The Marketing Strategy of Odyss3y

The primary goal of Odyss3y was to attract the most ambitious startups with the strongest and most impressive creators. Odyss3y achieved this by hosting educational online lectures in the Web3 industry, covering everything from marketing to technical and mathematical details.

And we helped with the designs, compiling over 12 lectures for them. Given the large number of presentations, we even created a PDF calendar to help manage this complex path.

This PDF was then shared in Telegram chats and pinned, helping to maintain structure and organization.

Founders’ participation in these lectures was a clear indicator of their commitment to their startups, providing a favorable impression for
investors and other builders.

Fullfillment in Odyss3y

After receiving a large number of applications, the top experts from Odyss3y, who are well-versed in the industry, select the best projects and invite them for mentorship in a cohort — a group of companies that grow together.

Historically, the term ‘cohort’ referred to a tenth of a legion in ancient Rome.

During their time in the accelerator, the startups learn and develop their product alongside mentors who have already walked this path. This process can be lengthy and is usually confidential.

At the end of the cohort, each startup faces the Demo Day — the most crucial event for them. On Demo Days, startups present their achievements to an audience of investors and other builders.

The aim of the Demo Day for startups is to help them secure additional funding and expand their network. While Odyss3y can invest up to $100,000, their partners (which we also designed) could allocate up to $5 million or more quarterly, which also serves as a significant attraction.

We were tasked with creating one comprehensive pitch deck for eight companies within the accelerator, aiming for a total of $13.25 million, with a combined valuation of $149 million.

We designed the pitch decks to highlight the uniqueness of each participant, but at the same time we wanted to maintain and showcase Odyss3y’s branding. To achieve this visually we used abstract 3D graphics unique for each participant and strongly aligned with Odyss3y’s overall look and feel thus creating a comprehensive graphic system. In terms of the layout, we used the F-pattern to pinpoint investor’s attention and make each slide informative yet digestible.

Each company’s presentation was aimed to be no longer than 1.5 minutes — time deemed sufficient for major investors. Months of preparation, refinements, reviews, and intense effort led up to this moment.

Many companies, as expected, achieved their investment goals. To celebrate these milestones, we designed personalized banners that aligned with Odyss3y’s branding. An example of this success is Kinetex Network, which raised over $2M.

The funds raised by each company varied significantly, often by hundreds of thousands of dollars or even millions. As for our goal of raising $13.25 million, it’s safe to say we came close to achieving it, but the final amount is not disclosed. Here you are able to see all of the companies in the initial pitch-deck and check for yourself😉 But most importantly, apart from finances, all of them continue to thrive, having received numerous offers and attracting many users — the second most important metric for startups.


As of right now, Odyss3y continues to operate. If you are involved in web3, you can submit your company here. By joining, you gain access to connections with founders, valuable knowledge, and secure investments.

Over the course of 3–4 months of collaboration, we created a one-page website, several lectures and documents, one comprehensive pitch deck for 8 companies, and one motion video for a PR campaign. As a result, we came close to raising $13.25 million for companies with a total evaluation of $149 million.

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