Are You Paying A Heavy Price For Not Listening To Your Heart?

There are times that you may find yourself conflicted by your brain and by your heart, by your intellectual mind and by your feelings.

Sometimes your heart and brain can pull you in all sorts of directions and trying to keep them balanced can be very hard.

There are however moments when the heart should take priority.

This is when, if you don’t listen to your heart — you can land up paying a heavy price.

This applies not only to matters of love or health, it also applies to your decision making process.

It is when you know that you should take a risk, yet your brain reminds you that your lack of confidence or self-belief — far outweighs your abilities.

What do you do then? Do you believe your brain and act accordingly — or do you take that risk?

Most people hear the ‘lack of confidence voice’ and very quickly they crawl back into their safety zone.

Now the brain may have a point. But what if you don’t take that risk?

Firstly, you could learn a few lessons on how not to do things or secondly, you could become successful.

But here is the alternative: By not doing anything, you may be left feeling disappointed.

By not having listened to your heart, you may lose out on many growth opportunities. This may result in you feeling a failure.

The brain is a very strange organ.

Our brains are adept at finding all sorts of excuses as to why not to do certain things or how not to feel certain emotions. It can rationalize and justify all sorts of issues. And it can help you think away all sorts of pain.

Unfortunately, we are not always aware of this.

We are also not always aware of the conflicts that constantly occur between our hearts and brains.

As we grow up, we are taught to use our brains. There is nothing wrong with this, except that we usually forget to take our hearts into consideration too.

Few listen with their hearts — and many pay a heavy price as a result.

Are you listening to your heart and are you playing safe or are you holding back?

Either way — what has this or is this doing for you?

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