Have You Learnt To Honour Other People’s Journey Of Self-Discovery?

One of life’s lessons is realising that people are all on their own journey of self-discovery.

Trying to force people to change, to think like you do, to behave like you do or to believe what you believe — is just a waste of energy.

Learning to accept this can be very hard.

Learning to stand back so as to give people the space and time to develop, is an important part of honouring and respecting people for being different.

We all come from different families, different cultures, different cities or towns, different countries and so on. What is right for one person may be different for another.

By embracing the differences, it teaches us to judge others less.

Unfortunately, we all like to judge — often without even knowing the person or the situation.

We do this for many reasons. We like to compare ourselves to others. We like to feel that we are superior or sometimes we may feel inferior.

Either way, judging takes our focus away from our own journey of self-discovery.

And when we do this it usually sets up expectations that others should be like us.

This prevents us from stepping back, becoming objective and possibly even learning from one another.

However, by accepting that everybody is on their own path, it enables us all to create a more civilised society — one of respect and tolerance.

And this is how we grow.

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