I Will Pray For You: Careful — Some May Think You Are Being Arrogant.

I Will Pray For You: Careful — Some May Think You Are Being Arrogant.

Getting or giving someone’s permission to pray, is one thing. And in the case of a loss, or if a family member or friend is ill, and you are asked or you offer to pray for them — is one thing.

But stating that you will pray for someone and using it to gain moral high ground in order to avoid taking responsibility, and using it during an argument and so on — can push people away. And it can leave people feeling irritated and annoyed.

In other words, if someone starts feeling that it’s being suggested that they are somehow inferior and therefore in need of help from above, this can result in the end of a friendship or relationship.


Because whenever someone creates an imbalance between themselves and others, and they then use it to make you feel small, then something is wrong.

Remember this — people only ever need to loom larger, if they themselves feel inferior.

To counter act this, some may use subtle bullying tactics in order to try to make themselves appear superior.

If this is left unchecked, the controlling behaviour can get out of hand.

Thankfully however people on pedestals usually fall off. You just have to be patient enough to wait for this moment.

In the meantime, it is perhaps best to learn to swerve the bullying. Don’t let it get to you.

Create boundaries for yourself and stand by what you believe in, even if friction is caused.

This way any annoying statement can be ignored once you understand the game.

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