Is Hanging On Good For You?

Some people have a hard time letting go of their pain and suffering with regards their relationships and their careers.

This is usually because ‘suffering’ has become a habit and it’s what they know — so they prefer to hang on to what is familiar.

This is not always helpful.

Hanging on creates victims and it keeps people in paralysis.

Most importantly, it stops people from growing either emotionally or via their careers.

We are however, all beginning to realise that the old ways of doing things is changing — especially with regards our careers.

A job for life is becoming passé whereas building our own careers and taking control of our destinies is becoming the new way forward.

Embracing this can help you grow and it can help you develop skills you never thought you were capable of.

It’s hard to let go of ‘how things have always been done’. But life is change. Things have moved on. How we do business has moved on.

If we don’t learn to embrace change, how will we keep up and how will we grow not only as human beings but also as a society?

Unfortunately, human beings hate change. We prefer to hang on to the old ways, even when everything around us has changed.

Often it’s because we fear change and what it offers. It takes courage to conquer our fears. But if we don’t — we may be closing down and diminishing the options available to us.

If you are struggling to let go, maybe it’s time to stop.

Maybe it’s time to ask for help and maybe it’s time to learn a few new skills.

Whatever it is, find out why you are holding yourself back. You might be hanging on — knowing full well that it may be time to let go.

So what’s stopping you?

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