Keep Your Personal Life Personal.

This wisdom was passed on to me by my grandmother:

What happens in your relationship belongs in the relationship. If you tell all your friends how awful your partner is after every argument and so on, yet you continue living with them, you will look a fool — but also, how can they support you as a couple or your partner if you have left them thinking your partner is an idiot and so on?

Sure there are times for example, if a partner is violent, then I would urge you to tell someone so as to get help. But this is a different topic for a different time.

So it is far better to keep things to yourself. Tell your therapist, tell your mother if you have to, otherwise learn to keep silent. You will feel better about yourself and you will have remained loyal to your partner too.

Also ask yourself this: would you be happy if you found out they were gossiping about you to their friends? No one would.

So why do this to your partner — the person you spend your life with and love!

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