Stop And Reflect: Your Standards May Be Dropping.

During my Fine Art and History of Art studies and later through my teaching, I learnt that the way we develop and learn creatively, is by looking at other artist’s work and by going to exhibitions.

By looking, we absorb images into our subconscious.

We are influenced by our surroundings and what has been created by others or what has been created in the past.

The more we see, the more we can increase our inner library of creativity. This information can then be funnelled into our own work of art and so on, later on.

This filtering and channeling of information can quite equally apply to most other fields. The premise being is that the more you look, or the more you read and so on, the more you will develop.

And the more we create and the more we put into practice what we’ve learnt, the more we develop and grow.

It is of course up to us to filter out — what we will and won’t accept.

When we see images on our timelines on Linkedin, Facebook, Instagram or on Pinterest, we are in fact also absorbing these images into our subconscious.

Often people don’t always realise, that if we then also confirm images by pressing a ‘like’ button we are allowing our brains just a bit more time to absorb the image or information.

What we ‘like’ deepens the impact or confirms what we like in our unconscious.

However, in doing this, by liking images — we are also telling the world about ourselves.

What We ‘Like’ Becomes Who We Are.

We often forget just how much information or imagery we actually absorb on a daily basis — through newspapers, magazines, social media and television. We are inundated with images.

At least, we do have some control. We do have a choice. We can choose which exhibitions to go to, whom to follow and what images to post what to ‘like’ or what to ignore and even dislike.

We just need to be aware that we every now and again it may be a good idea to stop and reflect upon what we are really ‘liking’.

Why? Because we can drop our standards very easily.

Any psychologist or anyone aware of brainwashing techniques, will tell you that if you see an image over and over or if images of the same topic are seen over and over, you will get indoctrinated, conditioned, influenced to believing it’s value.

This is how our standards can drop. It often happens over time.

Let’s however become a little more aware, of what we are allowing ourselves to see, because what we like could so easily become who we are.

We are being pressured to have tons of social media ‘friends’. But please be careful of whom you are allowing yourself to associate with or what you are allowing yourself to see.

I keep repeating, “Watch yourself like a hawk”, check the images that you are ‘liking’, check who you are socialising with — because you will only be as good as who and what you surround yourself with.

So please take some time, stop and reflect. It will do you no harm.

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