INDIA - Here caste supersedes humanity

Kakkoos- A documentary that hits you hard !

Let us all take a moment to remind ourselves that we are in the year Two-Thousand-And-Seventeen. But there is a part of India that is still in the 1900s. A real world whose existence we continually fail to acknowledge. When Prime Minister Modi took a broom and swept the streets to set an example of leading from the front on the Swachh Bharat mission, little did we realise that the ground reality was never going to change. Before you argue that the Prime Minister is not to be held accountable for the grass-root level changes, this is to assure you that the article conforms to the same ideology. It is not the PM, WE ARE accountable for not doing our bit to change the ground reality.

Well, there are several things to introspect on where we failed as a citizen; but before that, we have all failed as a Human Being. We are all uncompassionate, insensitive and vicious beings. All these adjectives would make sense if you have watched the documentary called Kakkoos. If you haven’t watched it yet, please watch it. The duration of the video is almost 2 hours, but there is not one instance/information that gets repeated.The dare is to watch the video without skipping a minute and without flinching. The video was shot for a period of 11 months and the original footage is over 90 Hours long. Truth be told, this video will change your perspective of manual scavenging.

source: TimesOfIndia

There is a law that prohibits Manual Scavenging, but then there are loopholes and several barbaric contractors because of which manual scavenging continues despite innumerous deaths. You may ask why do these manual scavengers choose to do this work, well they do not. The inherent caste system that exists in our society has forced them into these manholes and this documentary brilliantly answers every such question that arises in your mind. For instance, the children of the manual scavengers are identified & discriminated in school, unable to bear the embarrassment the kids stop going to school. And one day when the parents fall sick, the contractor asks their children to take up the job. For what it actually is, the documentary doesn’t evoke sympathy towards the manual scavengers, it rather enrages you.

“And although the urban elite continues to live in a bubble where caste oppression is a thing of the past, Kakkoos is unflinching in its portrayal of how people who’ve been engaged in this profession through generations are never allowed to step out of it.”
~Sowmya Rajendran, TheNewsMinute

In India, Politics and Caste keep each other alive. In rural India, every generation grows up listening to fake stories of caste supremacy and patriarchy. The idea of a caste-free society is buried deep in the books which these kids will never read. These are the very kids who wonder ‘how terrorists get brainwashed into killing innocents’ but themselves wouldn’t think twice to pick up an axe to slaughter anybody who insults their caste. Apparently, this video which shows a lot of manual scavengers belonging to different communities has triggered a group of people who seemed to take offence in their caste being shown as manual scavengers. These proud morons believe that they have outgrown the caste barriers & hence the unfortunate few who still rot as manual scavengers do not belong to their community. It is ironical how these people who raise their voice against the oppression they face in the society take offence when someone says they are the oppressed ones. And instead of helping fellow people, these bunch of self-proclaimed elitists blinded by pride have went on to file a complaint against the film-maker Divya for showing their community in bad light.

The caste system will exist for another 100 years, the urban elite will continue to fight against reservations, the governments will ensure to upkeep the distance between these two extremes. The unwavering truth is that each of us would go on about our lives and do nothing about it.

This article was only to remind you that the next time you take a dump, please mumble a SORRY to the manual scavenger who is out there to pick that dirt from the sewage.