What it is to be Kamal Haasan

After being in the film Industry for over 50 years, after being honoured with Padma Sri, Padma Bhushan and 3 National Awards; and then to be called a third-rate actor by a Politician is really depressing. No, seriously it is depressing when a nobody in the field of Politics calls a Man, considered to be a Demigod of Indian Film Industry, a third-rate actor. The collective IQ of TN politicians wouldn’t match the IQ of the said actor, but yet nothing stops them from lashing out at an eligible voter who is a part of the very democracy they live in. This counter-attack from the govt. is not just at Kamal Haasan, it is against the general public who question the integrity of the ruling party.

With Big Boss, Kamal Haasan has stepped foot into the world of television and thereby opening up a Pandora’s box of opportunities for fringe groups to protest. In a press-meet to discuss the allegations levelled against him as the host of Big Boss, he was fielded with questions on the govt., Rajinikanth, GST, Women’s safety and he spoke his mind on all the topics(which is trouble if you are a noted personality). After the press meet, Kamal was subjected to criticism from all ends. Quoting a few here..

“We all know that Kamal Hassan had an affair with an actress, didn’t marry her and chased her away after living with her (for years). His action is against Tamil and Indian culture. He has no right to speak about us or the people of this country”

The above quote was from the law minister of the ruling party. Taking a dig at someone’s personal life and talking about up-keeping culture is not the exact response we are looking for when you are accused of corruption. The ministers who were hibernating in a resort for over 10 days without performing the duties they had sworn to, are morally ineligible to even talk about politics anymore, but yet they continue to be the Honourable Ministers.

The law minister wanted a convicted criminal to be the next Chief Minister (also meeting the PRESS in an inebriated state!! KUDOS)
“The participants are mouthing obscene statements and are acting 75% nude. It is also derogative of Tamil culture and hurts the sentiments of seven crore Tamilians.”

The above quote was voiced by a political party called Hindu Makkal Katchi. For someone unaware of the Fringe groups that exist in India, it might seem like the above statement was probably from a person who had been living under the rocks since 1960s. People who haven’t been keeping up with progressive growth of the society, women and fashion find solace in groups like these. Unemployment doesn’t deter them from venturing out in public, they love publicity and given the fact that the print/paper media reserves more space for film industry news than any other, they make the most of it. When it only takes a flag & six people to garner media attention, why would you do anything else for publicity?!

“Kamal Haasan names sexual assault victim, NCW chief demands apology”

Kamal Haasan names the victim of the Actor abduction case in Kerala and here emerges NCW (National Commission for Women): “We are taking suo motu cognisance of the matter and sending him a letter asking him to apologise or retract his statement,” says NCW chairperson Lalitha Kumaramangalam. Press were the first to name the actor and put her pictures in the initial reports (Dinamalar, Dina Thanthi continues to do so) and NCW doesn’t seem to have a problem with it. And when Kamal responds as “You have put out her name everywhere. It doesn’t matter if I have used the name.” NCW retorts “It is very arrogant to say that somebody else has said it so I will say it too.”. Well, it is not anything new that organisations do selective outraging, but it definitely is sad to be at the receiving end of all the Jobless outragers’ all the time.

It takes a Kamal Haasan to be a Kamal Haasan and none can don his role in films or real-life.

NOTE: I also condemn the actor naming the victim. I am against anyone who names and uses pictures of victim of a sexual assault.