What is Datum?

Datum is a decentralized and distributed user data marketplace supported by blockchain ledger. This technology makes it possible to store and exchange user data, such as social media data, internet activity data, health and fitness application data, and data from smart, smart car and other IOT devices in a secure, private and anonymous. This allows individuals to take back the ownership of their personal information so that they can sell it directly to the business on their own terms. Now we are enthusiastically announcing the Datum Network, which strengthens the information economy of new personal data.

The DAT Token allows you to purchase and sell (optional) stored data in accordance with the requirements set by the owner of this file. Every day 2.5 quartity of data bytes is created and over the past 2 years 90% of all electronic data has been created. The volume of stored data grows 4 times faster than the world economy, and the data has a significant contribution to overall economic development.

A large amount of data is created every day while browsing the internet, using social media. network and online shopping. Large private companies have large amounts of user data stored on the server and can be sold or stolen by hackers. Data owners, most of them lose control over their data, files and information when they sign up with various services like Facebook, Google, Instagram, Snap, Twitter, etc., which offer free information exchange services in exchange for exploiting user data. . For example, Google reads personal correspondence and search queries and, as a result, displays relevant ads.

For Who’s Datum?

Datum is for End Users

Datum restores ownership of data back to the individual and to everyone who controls who they share their data with and at what price. This is one of the ways Datum works.

Datum is for Miner Node Storage

Miner that runs Datum Node Storage is paid to store and grant low latency access to data. All you need to mine is free disk space and fast internet. No GPU. No expensive electricity bills. Only the DAT token goes into your wallet.

Datum is for Company

Datum allows companies to access a user that has never existed before, with the user’s consent. Currently developers are limited by what Facebook, Google etc offer through their APIs, and this API comes with enormous limitations and limitations. With the company Datum can buy user data they need directly from the user. No intermediaries are needed. Simple and easy.

Datum is for Everyone!

Datum provides simple and easy-to-use mobile apps supported by the Datum ecosystem, Datum marketplace and open API.

Smart Contract

Datum’s smart network contracts manage the following aspects :

  • A fast, decentralized data warehouse that lets users store structured data safely on smart block contracts.
  • The DAT Token lets you store and share data.
  • The data market allows users to monetize their data on conditions specified by them.
  • Datum uses BigchainDB and IPFS to provide decentralized, decentralized data storage that is both intangible and decentralized.
  • Data storage and data exchange are paid with a DAT token.

Details About Tokens and ICO

The beginning of krauseyla is scheduled on October 29 and will last a month. The total stock of the DAT tokens is 3 billion. The number of DAT tokens available in the crowdsdale is 1.53 billion.

Short Datum Token DAT 10’000 DAT = 1 ETH (ICO Price) DAT Token sales will commence on 17 October 2017 14:00 GMT.

Register whitelist for participation and learn more at link below :

Website : https://datum.org

Whitepaper : https://datum.org/assets/Datum-WhitePaper.pdf

Twitter : https://twitter.com/datumnetwork

Facebook : https://facebook.com/datumnetwork

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