So, this really grinded my gears this morning.

I don’t have the time to put together a list of facts so I’ll keep it short. Basically:

  1. It is unscientifically 250x harder to use your healthcare than it is to get a chicken sandwich delivered to your door. Even the Popeyes.
  2. The government proposed a rule that would make hospitals post their prices online, kind of like how restaurants do. Baby step towards a decent healthcare experience.
  3. AHA (the American Hospital Association of ~5000 hospitals) is suing to block this.

Need to find Urgent Care that works with your insurance? We built an app for you!

Recently, I wrote about my struggle to use my health insurance in the middle of an emergency. To make things better, I started a project here in DC called Haven (mobile link). We help you use any insurance to find your specific healthcare quickly and easily.

Today, I’m excited to share that we have added support for Washington DC’s Hospitals and Urgent Cares with all medical insurances.

Here are some of our findings along this journey.

Gotcha #1: Find the right urgent care

One does not simply “search for healthcare.” …

In 2018, using your own healthcare has become an expert-trade

We all have one of those stories

For me, I was working from home on a Friday. I had an early-morning conference call while my partner was cooking Ezekiel toast and getting ready for the day. Everything felt pretty standard — until the piercing shriek from the kitchen. I rushed in to find that the knife blade slipped through the frozen loaf and deep into her pinky.

We needed medical attention immediately.

Scarred by a recent horror story of $1000+ bill to ride an ambulance several blocks, I was determined to “do it right this time” and use our insurance. …

Ben Pugh

Founder of RelayCare: Healthcare Together. Made in DC

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