Injection mold from Ningbo Sofitel has better performance than traditional mold designation

China — The technician from Ningbo Sofitel Industry & Trade Company Limited which is the famous Injection mold in china said that the Injection mold is one of the important technology and equipment for the production of various industrial products and components. With the rapid development of plastic industry, as well as the promotion of plastic products in aviation, aerospace, electronics, machinery, shipbuilding and automobile industries, the demand for the quality of these injection molds become more and more high. However, the traditional mould design method has been unable to adapt to today¡¯s industry requirements.

Compared with the traditional injection mold design, computer aided engineering which abbreviation is CAE technology has great advantages are both in terms of improve productivity, ensure the quality of products, or in terms of reduce cost and reduce labor intensity of these workers.

In the working process, the injection mold could be used into all kinds of NC machining such as these numerical control millings and processing centers. On the other hand, the application of CNC wire cutting processing and the numerical control electric spark machining is also very common in the CNC mold processing. The line processing could be mainly used in all kinds of straight wall mould processing, such as convex die in the. For these mold parts which have very high hardness, the using the machining method will not be able to apply. In this case, the electrical discharge machining should be the best choice.

Furthermore, for these injection molds which has Angle, deep cavity parts or the narrow slot parts, the EDM method is also very useful. However, the NC machine could be mainly used for machining these standard parts, and mold cavity or core of rotors, such as bottles, basin, shaft, disk and others.

The technician from plastic mould in china said that the application of CNC drilling can also serve to improve the machining accuracy and shorten the processing cycle. The injection has very widely application in modern manufacturing for components forming. Therefore, people could said that the mold industry is an important part of the national high-tech industry which is the most important and valuable technical resources of one country.

Ningbo Sofitel Industry & Trade Company Limited has been devoted into this industry for many years. Their professional service and high quality injection mold already get high reputation from most of their clients. People who have interesting about their injection mold service could visit their website by the following information.

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