Why is it so hard to get agile teams up and running quickly? Why are U-boats a symptom of a handicapped innovation culture? And how can agile teams deliver consistently on a permanent basis? As I explain below, often the core components that are broken are dependencies and the lack of related empowerment in taking decisions.

One day a UX manager at a mapping company came to me and told me how he and his team had created a great new feature with few resources, in short time, with a very clean user experience. As it turned out, they had worked on something that got little attention in their company, was not big on the roadmap, but had a sponsor, and even got a team room in an outside building. Little was expected, little was communicated, and they were left alone. But all the necessary skills were together driving one common vision. And they delivered. We can call this a U-boat, a submarine. In other words: same people, same main product, same frameworks as the mothership, but with a key difference. …


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