A novel use of social media — a novel!

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Hey Harry Hey Matilda is a work of fiction not bound by hardback covers but played out on Instagram, Tumblr & Twitter; a novel use of social media.

Superbly crafted by Rhode Island photographer, writer & photo editor, Rachel Hulin, Hey Harry Hey Matilda is the story of paternal twins, their loves, their lives, their lies and growing up. (You may know Hulin’s work through her Flying Henry series.)

The written words of the novel would be enough: smart, concise, sexy. But the story of Harry and Matilda is played out as well — each day — through images posted to Instagram and Tumblr, with a Twitter component and, of course, a website. It’s so multi-dimensional in fact the character of Matilda, a wedding photographer, even has her own website within the context of the story — and online.

As far as we can tell this is the first novel to be published through images on the social channels and, yea, we know it’s Back to the Future Day and all the gizmos and predictions but ol’ Doc Brown and Marty didn’t see coming a novel published on social media. (And why would they? BTTF was a movie, for heaven’s sake!)

“Soon enough it will be spring, and the magnolia blossoms will come out, and it will be too much beauty to bear. Isn’t life heartbreaking enough without magnolia blooms once a year making our hearts explode?”

If that’s not enough to draw you into a good story, you are not paying attention. Remind you of Papa’s work? Yea, us too. The craft of Hulin’s work really stands alone and noteworthy, even without the additional depth and edgy broken ground also unraveling in images on Instagram.

This is creativity in the 21st Century at its finest expression, art magnificently displayed on the digital spaces with beauty and grace. Well done, Rachel Hulin!

HEY HARRY, What’s your favorite emotion, and what’s your least? HEY MATILDA, Emotion, or state of being? I like sadness, in its plain old basic state, without any agitation mixed in. I can handle that quite well. HEY HARRY, Yeah, you can’t mess with sadness. A classic. I’ve been thinking; I’ve decided that penguins would be a more apt bird to decorate wedding ephemera than swallows, because they mate for life. From now on, I’m going to call my brides “birds.” It feels nice to do that. You should come up for a name for your students too. HEY MATILDA, I think I will call them Bats. Fumbling around in the dark, alighting on false inspiration.
A photo posted by Matilda and Harry Goodman (@heyharryheymatilda) on Oct 13, 2015 at 9:50am PDT

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Originally published at www.relevanza.com on October 21, 2015.

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