Artem Dorokhov and Andrea Romaoli Garcia pose at the Big Disruption Summit.

CEO of Relex Development speaks at the T-Hub campus in Hyderabad, Telangana. The speech was part of the Blockchain for Telangana conference on March 30, 2019.

  1. Individuals who hold RLXR3 receive a status level in the loyalty program equivalent to the whole number of RLXR3 loyalty tokens they hold.
  2. Every month over the next 12 months, individuals who are members of the RLXR3 Loyalty Program will receive 1,500 RLX per RLXR3 Loyalty Program rank.
  3. At the end of the 13 months, individuals will be able to reclaim their original RLX by redeeming their RLXR3 for 100,000 RLX each. …

  • RLXH2–28 percent — Higher level of volatility
  • RLXM2–20 percent — Moderate volatility
  • RLXL2–10 percent — Lower volatility

Full Details Regarding the Token Offering Programs (RLXH1, RLXM1, RLXL1)

  • RLXH1–28 percent — Higher level of volatility
  • RLXM1–20 percent — Moderate volatility
  • RLXL1–10 percent — Lower volatility

Chief Business Strategist Hriday Sarma and CEO Keith Hilden pose for a photo-op in front of a banner at the Blockchain Summit in Hong Kong on Feb. 28. Relex was a gold-level sponsor of the event. Hilden spoke to an audience at a 20-minute presentation that addressed blockchain application in real estate.

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