The Fifth Generation of Blockchain ‘Relictum Pro’ Has Arrived!

Relictum Pro
Sep 24, 2019 · 2 min read

Over the past decade, Blockchain has witnessed immense growth in various sectors across all the spheres of life. Today, Blockchain technology has reached its fifth generation. Relictum Pro, the fifth generation of Blockchain, has arrived. We have finally made a realizable development of a fully-distributed, flexible, 100% reliable electronic circulation of human life in all parameters of economic activity.

With the Blockchain of the fifth generation, i.e., Relictum Pro, you can easily acquire the identification of a person without making any errors with over 10 billion people in the network. The Relictum Pro Blockchain goes through all the stages of the crypto community, ending with all the data of a person where copyright, land relations, private and corporate sales, the purchase of goods and services are all included.

The Blockchain 5.0 is developed using an advanced technology which is entirely based on the elements of artificial intelligence and neural networks. Our Blockchain technology includes unlimited smart contract systems along with new emerging property-types of smart contracts which enables its participants to conclude a contract within the same chain with other participants in the chain. Blockchain 5.0 is a scalable, ultra-modern product aimed at a distant future, which can be used with more powerful processors, with the latest electronic and computer technologies, including photon computers.

Blockchain 5.0 is a full-fledged blockchain platform designed for government, commercial and private activities. Relictum Pro is a smart platform of distributed registry of the latest generation which has been developed in order to formalize an individual’s economic life to take out emissaries between various participants within the chain. Blockchain 5.0 also records all events such as personal activity, logic, document flow, delivery, transportation, interaction with legal entities, etс.

Relictum Pro solves multiple problems. The Blockchain of the fifth generation has large block sizes as compared to the block sizes of other blockchains. The Blockchain also supports faster transactions while effectively organizing communication channels. The Relictum Pro platform doesn’t rely on the method of communication; instead, there is a node, and how the message is delivered does not matter. Blockchain platform 5.0 uses a unique protocol based on TCP IP, where a virtual communication channel with each node is formed over the Internet. Only Blockchain 5.0 information flows in this virtual channel, which increases the data transfer speed several times. With so much on its platter, Relictum Pro is all set to take on the world.

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Relictum Pro is a blockchain of the latest generation. #Blockchain 5.0

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