Relief India Trust…Lending helping hands

The role of non-profit organizations in uplifting societies, economically, socially and professionally is unprecedented. These organizations always strive to achieve their mission of bringing long lasting, sustainable development in far flung remote areas. The people of these areas are denied of their basic necessities, such as food, shelter, education, health and other basic human needs. None other than these trusts bother about bringing revolution to these regions through their volunteer services, and welfare work, the only source of hope for the privileged people are these not for profit organizations. Similarly, the Relief India Trust has left no stone upturned in assisting the people of underdeveloped, yet underserved areas. At every juncture, the trust is ready to bring the people out of chaos. Taking into account the unending and consistent contribution of these trusts, some of their prominent aspects will be illustrated in the paragraphs below:

· Lending helping hands

As part to carry on their philanthropic activities, this trust provides sufficient amount of funds to the extremely needy individuals. These welfare organizations are all time available to provide the poor people with substantial financial assistance, subject to their need. Moreover, the needy ones are also provided financial assistances, so that they can start some work to meet their both ends and entertain joyful life, without feeling deprived.

· Educating poor people

The organization also aims at providing poor children with quality education, while assisting them in meeting their educational expenses, such as tuition fee, hostel residence fee and other fees related to education. The trust also plays vital role in creating awareness, mobilizing communities towards the noble cause of educating children. Just like other relief organizations, the Relief India Trust is also playing an active role in educating the people of remote areas by meeting their multi-dimensional educational needs.

· Ensuring adequate yet standardized health facilities to poor people

The role of non-profit organization in the provision of substantial health facilities to poor people can never be ignored. These organizations are ever active in providing health facilities to the people of underdeveloped areas. Similarly, the Relief India Trust

also extends its health facilities to such areas, where people do not have the facility to avail such facilities. These health services are provided in the form of medical camps, whereby a panel of expert doctors serves the people with free checkups coupled with providing them with free medicine. Moreover, the people are also made aware of different types of preventive measures, so that they can build immunity for serious diseases proactively.

· Extending relief activities

Providing relief to poor people in their hard times is also one of the prime objectives of these trusts. These trusts are always available to provide the needy ones, with assistance, by distributing relief goods and other essentials. Which enables them to meet their necessary requirement in these tough times.


After analyzing the contribution of these organizations, it would be unjust not to acknowledge their invaluable contribution in the development of society. To enhance the scope of these welfare activities, it is imperative that every resourceful person should have the courage to donate for these trusts and to serve as volunteer in this noble cause.

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