Pachmarhi — Best Place to Visit in Madhya Pradesh

Pachmarhi is one of the most preferred sightseer destinations of Madhya Pradesh. This stunning and exciting location is located at the height of approximately 3555 feet and is enclosed by the most interesting sceneries of Satpura Hills. This pleasing and striking place of Pachmarhi invites the visitors from all over the world to travel around the unexplored and unexploited world of natural territory.

Pachmarhi Tour Packages

Pachmarhi is famous as the ‘Queen of Satpura’ for its striking natural panoramic and fantastic scenic magnificence. Pachmarhi is located in the midst of the evergreen hills of Satpura extents. Tourists can book Pachmarhi hotels online for comfortable stay. The hill station is enclosed by the lavish green forests, ravines and rocky hills along with peaceful pools and several waterfalls.

This saucer formed valley was found in the year 1857 by Captain James Forsyth of the Bengal Lancers. This was further grown as the sanatorium and unwinding spot for British troops. The area which was initially sited by Captain James Forsyth was named after him as Forsyth Point; later on it was renamed as Priyadarshini Point. It was similar to summer capital for British individuals as it shows an extremely wonderful and charming environment.

Pachmarhi as well offers an assortment to discover for the archeological sector and also numerous spiritual significant monuments, for example, rock paintings those carved in the cave shelters. The caves with numerous paintings are widening around various locations in Satpura hills. These caves are as old as 10000 BC.

The name Pachmarhi i.e. Panch-Marhi which represent five caves served as safe house for Pandava brothers for some period amid their outcast.

In addition compelling and pioneer environment, the undulating Pachmarhi offers a collection of attractions, for example, Jaistambha, Bees Falls, Duchess Falls, Pachmarhi Lake, Apsara Vihar and many more of attractions goes on.

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