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I am third generation American on my fathers side, I support Trump, I support legal immigration, I support assimilation, and I support a temporary ban on Muslim immigration from war torn middle eastern countries.

I grew up in central California, I picked apples for Sebastopol, CA orchards, and I enjoyed doing it, minimum wage was $3.35 p/h. The Federal government raised min. wage to $4.25 and shortly after California raised their min. wage to $5.25 that year was the last year I picked apples. The orchards were filled with illegal immigrants, I worked along side them. When pay day happened I got my pay check and they were paid in cash, my check had taxes taken out, they were paid cash. I had worked the same hours as they did, just as had as they did, but my pay was $150.00 less than theirs, they were paid less per hour than me and yet they made more than me, why? It’s simple they paid no taxes.

I heard the Democrat politicians of the state tell me that the illegal immigrants were doing jobs that Americans would not do. That is a half truth I would have returned to the orchards, but I wouldn’t do it for less money a week than what some one that came to the country illegally got. I quickly realized that illegal immigration was hurting the country, and the state, by taking jobs away from people that had gone through the legal channels and assimilated and giving them to people that had not, rewarding bad/criminal behavior.

As far as the ban on Muslims goes, we are told by our president that Muslims are a peaceful religion and Islam means Peace, many Democrats accept that as truth without ever looking into the subject. I have read the Quran, 1) Islam means surrender, 2) Muslim is one who has surrendered to Islam and follows the teachings of the Quran, 3) The Quran teaches that Muslims are to spread themselves by force, 4) Muslims are to lie and deceive non-believers (Kaffir) if their numbers are not great enough to spread by force, 5) The penalty of homosexuality (non-gender conformance) is death, 6) It is ok for Muslims to have Slaves, 7) Rape is absolutely permissible against non-Muslims, 8) Women are property and have no rights, 9) If you father is Muslim you are Muslim which is re-enforcement to justify Rape (breed it out), 10) If you will not convert to Muslim or are Muslim and renounce it publicly it is the duty of loyal Muslims to Kill you.

I am transgender and I have a problem with a religion that at it’s very core wants nothing more than my death. I have seen what is happening in Germany, France, Switzerland, Austria, Spain, and to a limited extent what is happening here in America. Before I was out of the closet I even went to a mosque that a friend had invited me to join, the only peace they spoke of was to other Muslims, and they preached death or slavery to non-Muslims. Their religion hasn’t changed since it’s founding by Mohammad. I was highly offended when our president lectured the christian community about the atrocities of the crusades, which showed that he did not know the history or was lying about the history of them. For nearly 1000 yrs. Muslims waged war against christian countries and the christian countries were divided and fighting each other and were very nearly conquered by the Muslims. It was not until the Pope united the christian nations in the crusades that the Muslim invaders were pushed out, it was war and a defensive war. Horrible things happen in war, but the crusaders didn’t invade the Muslim countries they only liberated the countries that were christian and tried to free the Christians that were taken as slaves by the Muslims.

If you are listening to the Democrats and believing what they are saying then you haven’t learned from history. If you don’t learn from history you will cause it to repeat itself. I have learned from history and I don’t want a repeat, this time there will be no crusades to save us. A country is only a country when it can control it’s borders and enforce it’s laws within those borders. The Democrat party is destroying our country by not enforcing our borders or enforcing our laws within our borders. I am a third generation American, these are the reasons I support Trump.