Storm Damage Impacts that Take the Sheen Out of Your Home

Jamie Rellis
Sep 7, 2016 · 2 min read

Storms can cause devastating effects on your property especially if you live in areas that are prone to storms and tornadoes. If you live in areas such as Rockwall, you need to remain wary of natural calamities including hail storm, strong winds, and tornadoes. The exterior of the home bears the maximum damage during a storm. So, once the storm passes the area or there’s reduction in intensity, you need to get storm damage repair assistance to prevent further damage. The blog post discusses the areas that suffer damage after a storm and the steps you need to take to avoid costly repairs.


Hailstorms can loosen the granules on the shingles. The main function of the granules is to protect the roof from natural elements such as sun and precipitation. Loss of granules exposes the shingles to natural elements that accelerate the deterioration of the roof. In fact, in some situations, granule loss even leads to a roof leakages. You also need to check the downspouts of the gutter after a hailstorm. If you see a significant granule collection in the gutters, it implies that the shingles might have become loose.


The extent of damage to the sidings depends on the type of sidings you have installed as the composition of siding materials vary. Vinyl sidings, for instance, are thermal- and wind-resistant and can hold up to denting, though, it may crack when hit with force. Wood and metal sidings may dent from hail. The amount of damage suffered depends on the size of the hail and the angle at which it falls. After a storm, check the sidings to know the extent of the damage.


Just like roofing and sidings, even windows are vulnerable to storms. Hails can break the window frame or glass, or inflict cracks and holes. Though it is easy to notice the cracks or breaks in a window, it is difficult to detect dents on sashes and frames. You need to perform a physical check by running your hand on these areas to ascertain dents or other structural abnormalities.

Whether there’s a dent or scratch on the sidings or window frame, or missing shingles, ensure that you get them repaired instantly to prevent further damage. Reputed storm damage repair service providers in Rockwall and other parts of Texas can assist you in carrying out the repair work. The professionals physically inspect your roof, sidings, windows and other elements such as AC vents, fencing, and others to ascertain the damage level. A thorough inspection allows them to take preventive measures to prevent further damage while you get the insurance settlement money.

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