I know someone who needs help…and that someone’s my friend. God knows how much I love and adore her. Yes, she is a girl. Let me describe to you… that someone I know. That girl — She is beautiful. She has a good heart. Her intention was always pure. Everybody wants her. Everybody loves her. Everybody wants to be her friend. Everybody wants her attention. No one messed up with her because she’s so charming and believe me when I say she’s irresistible because she is. When she’s speaking, no one dares to interrupt. She speaks what’s in her heart. She speaks what’s right. Yes, I can see a girl with good moral fiber. Everything about her is perfect not until that one day.
That one day, she decides to take things further. That’s when she entered college. She said she was fine and she met new friends. She thought the two semesters were great. She knows it’s not easy but she did her best and get through with it. She became very close with her new friends. She go wherever they go even if she’s not fond of the place. She eat the food they want even if she doesn’t like the taste of the food. She always do what they told her to do even if it’s a bad thing. She drink not because she wants to drink but technically it was the choice of her so called friends.
She’s happy with her new friends but she’s not happy for the things she did. She’s not herself anymore. She’s not the same girl anymore who will always do the right thing even if its in the bad situation…She’s not the same girl who will speak what’s in her heart — And she’s not the girl with good moral fiber, I used to know. She’s not my love. She’s not the girl I adore. She has changed a lot since she met her new friends.
It was 9 PM in the evening when I go to her room and asked her, “Are you happy?” She said she was but when she looked in the mirror, that’s when I laid my eyes on her. Her eyes…they’re beautiful but they’re in pain. It’s like they were longing to be answered. “I guess, I’m not”. I cried. The moment I finally accepted the truth, That’s the time when I decided to go back to my usual self and be happy again. That’s the time too that I decided to stay away from them because I know they’re not good for me. They are not good because they don’t accept me for who am I. Yes baby, you’re right. That someone who needs help…that’s my friend — And that’s me.
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