Finally Bought Redmi Note 3 Gold 32GB For RM849 @ Xiaomi Smartphone Experience

During the night, I was hoping that the Redmi Note 3 smartphone will be deliver to my home since I had bought it yesterday at Xiaomi official website. A lot of people complained and shared that the they didn’t provide enough stock to sell because it is sold out after 1 minute past at 12.01pm afternoon. I guess they maybe offer 1,000 unit to be sold at that moment. It is because I was waiting patiently around 11.58am and managed to buy the Redmi Note 3 Gold 32GB at 12pm sharp. Besides, they are giving FREE Mi Bunny Screen cleaner White (RM16) and I just bought the for Mi Phone Holder blue RM8.90 and 20000mAh Mi Power Bank White for RM99 & Mi Car Charger Silver for RM35 in a separate order shown below.

Upon arrived home, I just cooked some instant noodle that I bought back from Bangkok trip since my mother had went out to temple thingy.
 Frankly speaking, I was one of the Xiaomi fans who didn’t give up on their smartphones despite having bad experience on the past. It has been a 2 years journey past and I still remember the first time I bought the Xiaomi Redmi Note 3G for RM479 at Rakuten website. Then I bought the additional fake 3100mah battery because the battery was draining quite fast from my usage. Mi Note and Mi Note pro smartphone launched after some moment but it was too expensive. After few month past, my Redmi Note 3G having some issue on the screen and I couldn’t swipe. Hence, I went to Lowyat Plaza to seek for repair advice and visited their Xiaomi authorised service center at 4th floor. In the end, I bought a second hand Xiaomi Redmi Note 4G for RM400 from my college friend at Penang. At the later on the year of 2015, Xiaomi Redmi Note 2 official launch for RM649. I was tempted to buy since my current Redmi Note 4G having some issue again.
 I met up with an online friend who want to sell the second hand Redmi Note 2 for RM500 but I didn’t buy in the end due to it is China version. Fast forward until this date, I finally managed to buy the Redmi Note 3 for RM849 on their official website. I guess I had spent almost RM2,000 (RM479+RM400+RM90+RM849+RM9+RM35+RM99+RM15+RM25) in total for all in Xiaomi cost which is equivalent to the latest iPhone SE that cost similar price. Now I just have Redmi Note 3G use as a battery charger, Redmi Note 4G is semi spoil while waiting for the tempered glass and cover case to be deliver to me before using the Redmi Note 3.

Anyways, the Redmi Note 3 smartphones has been delivered to me within a day when I ordered yesterday. Honestly, I do felt a bit “jelly” when saw people can get it FREE during the lucky draw contest and some being selected as Mi Explorer program. After finish eating, I just explore the Redmi Note 3 products. When unbox the packaging, it comes with 3 things and a receipt.

Then I just open the Redmi Note 3 box and the quality seems to be quite okay.

It comes with cable, charger a pin to open the SIM card / SD card but no free earphones.

My previous Redmi Note 4G seems to be a little bigger than this Redmi Note 3.

After turn on the power, it stated that the CPU is Hexa-core Max 1.8Ghz and come with 3GB ram.

Then I just took my first photo shot using the Redmi Note 3 and the quality is shown below.

Somehow I faced difficulties when I slot in the 64GB Nitro Strontium micro SD card as it seems to be not able to detect as I heard the external memory only support up to 32GB. After some moment, I saw there is a format card option and I just click it. Surprisingly it works and my Redmi Note 3 shows extra 60GB for SD card storage.

Hopefully it will last longer and you can claim the warranty from Xiaomi Malaysia Sdn Bhd (GST ID: 000583077888) if you faced any fault or even go to their office at C/O Suite 2–4 Level 3, Tower Block, Menara Milenium, Jalan Damanlela, Pusat Bandar Damansara, Wilayah Persekutuan, Malaysia. Somehow I had spent too much time on exploring this phone as I don’t have the time to explore the Macbook Pro 13inch that I bought yesterday. Overall I’m satisfy with this Redmi Note 3 phone although it is still consider quite expensive for me to buy. Stay positive!

Originally published at on April 8, 2016.

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