First Time Fishing And Eating @ Fish Valley Semenyih Restaurant (鱼乐谷餐厅) Experience

Today I woke up at 6am. Somehow I did felt a bit tired since I slept around 2am after finished updated yesterday blog post. I quickly get myself prepared and the morning traffic is good as I just took about 25 minute from Klang to KL. I parked my car at office nearby as my colleague will be the driver for today. We arrived there around 8am and it took about 45 minute journey from PJ area.

I just took some picture around the view upon arrival as below.

My colleague had brief us on how to use the fish rod, putting the rotten fish as our bait with the equipment below.

Seriously the rotten fish smell really awful like “shxt” and you will feel “geli” upon touching it with your bare hands.

Next, we choose a fishing spot as below.

Besides, we paid RM7 for each rod that we use as someone will come to collect the fees after some moment. There is no time limit for RM7 that we paid to fish in this pond. Somehow I just saw there is a tilapia fish around the pond but disappeared after some moment.

After we had been gone through some practice casting on the fish road, we’re good to go.

We placed the fish rod on the fish stand instead of holding it.

After waited for 40 minute patiently. suddenly my fish rod was shaking but I didn’t manage to catch it since I pulled it too soft for my first trial.

Then I start to practice the casting and my colleague showed me the way to fish if the “fish is on” the rode. Anyways, my colleague managed to catch a fish.

Soon after the first catch, other colleague also managed to catch a fish and we put into the blue pail as below.

However, we need to release back the fish since we only need one big fish. I just get to know the “cathfish” have a sharp spike on top of the fin below.

When I re-bait again, my rod suddenly shaking again after I waited for just 10 minute and managed to caught my first fish this time.

Frankly speaking, you can listen the voice of the catfish “shouting” in someway when we caught it up and removing the hook from its mouth. It is kinda “cruel” for some people to see this scene. After measuring the fish, I release the fish that I caught back to the pond again as below.

During the afternoon, we decided to eat the fish that other colleague caught as it involve some “cruel” decision in someway. Well, one of the staff come to measure the weight of the fish before sending it to the kitchen and the weight 1.6kg as below.

I took some picture around the Fish Valley Semenyih restaurant (鱼乐谷餐厅) together with its food menu.

We ordered some coconuts and four dishes included the fish that we caught just now. Somehow my colleague fish rod is broken when he fought to caught a big fish named as “ruhu” that weight around 4kg. Anyways, he felt disappointment for not able to catch the fish. All the food and drinks arrived within 15 minute of waiting time as below.

The taste of the steamed catfish is kinda weird in someway but the freshness is totally speechless since it just came out from the pond.

The total bills is RM160+ and the fish cost for RM60 according to my colleagues. Below is the details of Fish Valley Semenyih Restaurant (鱼乐谷餐厅). [8807990-V]

Address: Semenyih PT 16367, Fish Valley Semenyih, Sri Haneco Industrial Park, Jalan Kachau, Malaysia.
 Business Hour: 10am-10pm
 Contact: +6012–382 5518 / +6016–278 4092
 Price for each rod to catch for a day: RM7 / RM35 depend on which pond you choose.
 GPS Location:
 Overall it is a new experience for me as it is my first time to fish and eat at the same location. Specially thanks to Mr Alex for organizing, driving, teaching us everything about fishing.
 Honestly, I remember that I wrote that my hobby is fishing since my primary school but I had never gone into a real fishing before. So can you imagine the feeling to achieve your own written hobby that you wrote since 13 years ago? Fishing really require patient and based on luck in someway. Besides, I felt fishing seems to be like can relate to chasing girl because when you use what bait will end up getting the expected fish result. Moreover, there is a saying that “give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime” right? However, it would be cruel for some people as you’re like “playing the fish” if you caught it and release it back because the fish’s mouth will get hurt. As for my experience, I guess this would be my first and last time fishing experience.

Originally published at on February 22, 2016.