HOPP Cafe EST. MMXVI @ Bandar Sunway Petaling Jaya Experience

After I had finished meet up with the online friend to ask about iOS development on Macbook Pro at Starbucks Nu Sentral, I drove to Petaling Jaya (PJ) area as I have an opportunity to review the food at HOPP Cafe EST. MMXVI Bandar Sunway. The HOPP restaurant is created by a group of “Happy, Optimistic and Positive People” that serves serves a range of Western-Malaysian fusion selection such as paellas, pizzas, pastas and a Malaysian taste corner that established since 18th March 2016. Besides, the HOPP cafe also carries the meaning of House Of Paellas, Pizzas and Pastas. Upon arrival, I kinda like the outsides of the restaurant’s design as it looks stylish in black and white colour combination.

Upon walked in, I had fall in love with their “westernish” interior design below.

The wall is decorated with nice wall pictures especially this street art graffiti that say’s “Life Is Better Together”.

After that, I went to meet up with Ms Wendy where she showed me around the cafe and I likes the seating feels.

Upon seated, I flip through the HOPP menu and the design is nice.

Then I just ordered a glass of Karfin Lime Leaf Mojito (RM10.90) and it is being served within 7 minute of waiting time.

Somehow I enjoyed the sharing by Ms Wendy about the story of their chef, Mr Chef Kok which is a young man who has vast experience in various cuisines. He have a passion to create interesting recipes and good food from different cultures at an affordable price. Most of the food is using the fresh ingredients and they do not use MSG in their cooking. As a starter, we have the Fresh garlic Tiger Prawn Tapas (RM14) and is is served with very hot plate below.

I loves the of this prawn especially you dip the bread into the sauce to eat together.

Next is the roasted garlic & chili chicken patties tapas (RM9.90) and the taste is similar to the patty of chicken burger for my experience.

As for the beef meat balls tapas (RM9.90), my friend shared that it is nice.

After that, we have the Wok fried seafood springy noodles (RM14.90) as it is a type of Aromatic wok fried springy noodles with prawns, squids, egg, chives and bean sprouts, topped with salad.

This dish have a story behind whereby one day on the cruise ship, there is no noodles left and the chef suddenly thought of using spaghetti noodle to fry like a “Char Kuay Tiao”friend noodles style and it taste great upon served to the customer.
 We’re having quite a great starter before testing out the main dishes.

Next, we have the Teritaki Pizza (RM14.90) that comes with chicken teriyaki, mozzarella cheese, fresh leek, fresh cucumber, parmesan cheese, crushed peanut & lemon aioli.

The Satay Pizza (RM14.90) that comes with grilled chicken satay, mozarrela cheese, fresh cucumber, parmesa cheese, crushed peanut & lemon aioli.

I like the Satay pizza because the taste is nice and it looks special.

After that, we have the Fettucine Carbonara (RM17.90) that come with smoked duck breast, fresh chives, parmesan cheese, olive oil & shimeji mushroom.

Before this I seldom eat carbonara but this time I really like it especially the duck slices and would highly recommended to try it out.
 The next dish we have is Chargrilled sheep casing chicken Bratwurst Paella (RM15.90) which comes with grilled imported chicken bratwurst, saffron, roasted bell peppers, lemon wedges, sweet peas, garlic oil and aroz rice.

I likes the rice very much.

Besides, we also have Malaga Seafood Paella (RM19.90) that is served with tiger prawn, clam, squid, roasted peppers, saffron, shallot, roasted garlic, cafe spice, garlic chili oil, lemon wedge & aroz rice.

The clam taste is perfect when eating together with the rice.

We’re quite full after having so much of food during that moment.

At last, it is dessert time and I just have the Organic chocolate cookies (RM12.90) and it has a very deep chocolate taste.

My friend ordered the Tea Latte (RM 7.50) and it is served separately.

Hence, you can make your own latte art and I just get to know that the latte art picture is being made with the milk’s foam when poured on top of the coffee.

At last, we have our final dessert platter below.

The dessert platters consist of a Warm Chocolate Lava Cake (RM8.90), Ginger & Lime Cream Brulee (RM7.90), Over the moon (RM11.90), The Russion Whisker (RM11.90), The Modern Duke’s Pudding (RM11.90), Queens of Hearts (RM11.90) and some vanilla ice cream.

The cheesecake is from “Cat and the Fiddle”, which is the first online specialist cheesecake store in Singapore. All of the Cheesecake is created by renowned pastry chef and the brainchild of Cat & the Fiddle, Chef Daniel Tay is one of the most well-loved names in luxury desserts in Singapore. Chef Tay has worked with the legendary gourmet food retailer Fauchon of Paris. In Singapore, he was the Pastry Chef of the famed gastronomic French restaurant, Les Amis. Chef Tay’s skill and artistry has garnered him a gallery of awards including Finalist at World Gourmet Summit, Pastry Chef of the Year and World Pastry Cup Gold Medal.
 Personally I likes the modern duke’s pudding that comes with Oreo cheese cake served with vanilla gelato. Overall it is a great eating experience at there and must come to try once in your lifetime. Below is the detail of HOPP Cafe EST. MMXVI at Bandar Sunway Petaling Jaya.

Address: 10D, Nadayu28 Dagang, Jalan PJS 11/7, Bandar Sunway, 48250 Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia.
 Business Hour: 11am-10pm (Daily)
 Contact: 03–5613 3366
 Website: www.facebook.com/HOPPcafe
 GPS Location:
 They served dark roast coffee, organic tea, chocolate beverages and range of interesting signature house recipe iced drinks (non-alcoholic) like mojitos and sangria. Most important is the chef have more than 10+ years experience in the food industry.

Originally published at www.reloadfood.com on April 13, 2016.

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