How To Register As Uber Driver @ Uber KL PSC (PJCT Industrial Zone) Petaling Jaya Malaysia

This blog post serve as the follow up blog post for my last year post about “Registered Uber Driver @ Menara Glomac Damansara Experience” back in 2015. Soon after that, there is some request sent to me asking about “How To Register As Uber Driver” regardless of UberX, UberXL or UberXL. First of all, you need to register a Uber Driver account at the following link >>>
 Upon finish register, you can choose whether want to submit all the requested information online such as your Driver’s License, IC Number, Your car proof of insurance cover as shown below.

Alternatively you can go to their office at Uber KL PSC, (PJCT Industrial Zone) at Petaling Jaya.

It is kinda near to my office and you can just Waze it there as the office is just behind Hong Leong Bank. Upon arrival, you can see a lot of people queue up to register.

The main requirement is you need to have a 5 year old and below car and driving license to do. (some people say 8 years or below car also can apply) After that, you’re required to attend their one hour App training where they teach you how to use the Uber Partner apps in your mobile phone.

Apparently I don’t really like that they introduce the CASH as a payment options.

It is good for consumer because anyone can sit Uber as long as they have cash and you can read on my “How To Sit Uber For FREE Using Cash In Kuala Lumpur Malaysia” blog post for more information. Somehow I just get to know that you can claim your smiley at their PSC once you complete all the required number of trips from 50 trips, 100 trips, 200 trips, 500 trips and 1000 trips.

Below is the details of Uber customer support and related information.


Address: Address: 6 Jalan 51/225a PJCT Industrial Zone, Seksyen 51a, 46100 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia.
 Business Hours: 10am-6pm (Monday-Friday)
 Emergency Hotline: 03–27253060 (24 Hours)
 Register Link:
 GPS Location:
 Uber Partner Android Store Apps:
 Uber Partner IOS Apple Store Apps:
 I guess one of the reason why people want to become Uber driver is the extra income you can make with your free time. Moreover, they do guarantee some sort of income if you do full time by following all their schedule. The feelings is like be your own boss if one day you get fired by company as a contingency plan to survive in this cruel world.

Last but not least, you can also refer a people to become Uber driver and get rewarded.

Currently they’re having some sort of contest where Uber driver stand a chance to earn RM1,000 CASH each week.

Once you successfully referred a person to join as Uber driver, he/she need to complete at least 15 trips a week in order for you to get the RM250 referrer fee as shown below.

Seriously if got 100 people join under your referral and just drive for 15 trip, your revenue would be RM25,000 by just referring people to join like those affiliate marketing stuff. Kindly Whatsapp +6018–3808567 to find out more on how to become Uber driver or click this link to register ===>
 Happy Ubering around Malaysia.

Originally published at on May 17, 2016.