I’m So Sleepy — Business That Promote Napping @ Damansara Uptown Petaling Jaya Experience

After office hour end, I worked extra hour before deciding to make a move. Somehow I just felt a bit tired and sleepy in someway. Suddenly I just remember about a place where you can take a nap for a short period. The name of the shop is “I’m So Sleepy” and it is a business that promote napping.

Around 6.40pm I make a move from Asia Jaya and drove to the shop by using Waze. Upon arrival, I felt lucky because manage to find a parking place there. Well. the shop is located at 2nd floor and the words that caught my attention is “Pusat Urutan Teknologi Moden” keyword, which means a modern massage place.

Please don’t get me wrong that this is not a “hanky panky” place for massage parlour where people will say those “happy ending” stuff. This is a place where you can get a nap and get your mindset relaxed after working for sometime.
 Upon walked in, I met the founder of the shop and he shared a lot of the idea behind of this new startup concept with me.

They wish to provide a relax place to take a nap after a hectic of workload which can add value to your career, family relationship and life. Well, I just took some picture around as below.

There are currently having 14 small little pod room for customer to take a rest. I like the picture that talks about “How long to nap for maximum productivity” as shown below.

1) 20 minutes — energy boost, easy to wake up
 2) 30 minutes — grogginess
 3) 1 hour — short-term memory improves, some grogginess
 4) 1 hour 30 minutes — full REM cycle rapid eye movement, dream, creativity improves

After that, I had tried the portable massage service for some time and it is a relaxed experience although it is kinda pain in someway.

I enjoyed using the 20 MBPS wifi service available there while relaxing in the bad.

You will have a sense of privacy alone upon resting in the small pod room and can turn on the light if you wish to reading something.

After that, I try the normal resting bed and take a nap for a few moment.

Then I just drank the FREE flow of brown rice tea which make me energized.

There are some house rules to be follow and Napping Facts stated below.

1) Decrease daytime sleepiness 10%
 2) Increased elevated mood 11%
 3) Improve quality of interactions 10%
 4) Improve mental abilities 9%
 5) Increase alertness 11%
 6) Increase stamina 11%
 7) Increase physical health 6%
 8) Increase ability to stay asleep 12%
 9) Increase sleep 20 minutes
 As for the pricing, it is stated clearly below and they’re having discount promotion.

Minimum renting Pod by time
 1) 30 minutes — RM12 (RM8 promotion until 20th Jan 2016)
 2) 1 hour — RM16 (RM12 promotion until 20th Jan 2016)
 3) 90 minutes — RM20 (RM16 promotion until 20th Jan 2016)
 4) 2 hours — RM24 (RM20 promotion until 20th Jan 2016)
 5) Portable massage 30 minutes — RM10 (RM7 promotion until 20th Jan 2016)
 6) Blanket, Towel and Toothbrush kit — RM5 each
 Below is the details of I’m So Sleepy Clubhouse located at PJ area.

Address: No. 69, Mezzanine, Jalan SS21/37, Damansara Uptown, 47400 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia
 Business Hour: 10am — 8pm from Monday to Friday
 Email: imsosleepy1t@gmail.com
 Website: www.facebook.com/imsosleepyUpTown
 Currently they have a campaign stated that “I will not drive when I’m so sleepy”. Later on, the founder wife arrived and shared some experience with me. They plan to collaborate with Uber service in future and might be able to provide special discount for Uber driver. Feel free to use my uberfood88 promo code to get RM20 FREE upon your first Uber ride. Overall it is a great experience to try out the 1st napping service from I’m So Sleepy Clubhouse at Damansara Uptown. Stay positive!

Originally published at www.reloadfood.com on February 22, 2016.

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