Imagine The Feelings Of Earning RM100,000 Monthly By Writing Words In Malaysia Experience

Everyday is a new day of life. I’m still “fighting” in someway and time is really precious. Today I saw a news about a weddings couple’s relative/family fighting each other just because the dowry paid for wedding is insufficient. This make me wonder whether the moral of the story is don’t get married or money is the root “evil” that cause everything to happen. Anyways, both parties also have their wrong and I’m not here to judge anything. We all know that life is never fair, never is and never will be but we need to fight for ourselves in order to get the things that we want since most of us not come from deep pockets background. Nowadays, it is important to have a financial plan for yourself and I did not have much savings. Hence, I decided to spend RM3,144 by using credit card to buy this Great Treasure 8 saving plan.

It is because the closing date for this offer is 31st March 2016.
 Apparently I do get a lot advice from online friends sharing and they’re right too that our Malaysian currency will depreciate over time if you need to save for 8 years as we don’t know what will happen in future. What I’m trying to do here is just “planting a small seeds” using my own capability and hopefully it will growth one day.

Moreover, it is quite true that how do you convince others people to buy if yourself don’t buy right? I guess I need to force myself to work harder after office hour to earn extra RM262 a month just to pay the insurance thingy for over 8 years although I know that I already 33 year old by that time. Somehow I just remember one of my senior colleagues told me something that make me thoughtful as he said “You really need to plan yourself on how to play the life games, don’t do things without any direction or objective” because it is we only live once and time is limited.
 It is so true that no people can GUARANTEE what will happen in future and you don’t know who is saying the true or being bad in the society.

The only way to learn from mistake is to encounter more failure in your life I guess. On the other hand, I just saw Vocket shared a post about their company earning RM100,000 bank cheque as shown below. (It sounds like “Money speaks louder than words” feelings in someway with intention)

The earning is really inspiring if you’re working in the content marketing field. It certainly have its advantage when compared with those people who do e-commerce because you need to deliver product while you just need to deliver “words” in order to earn such money. Hence, you can say “A words is worth a thousand dollars” instead of a picture is worth a thousand words. Somehow I admit that I do have some “daydreaming” moment.
 For instance, you just imagine the feelings of earning RM100,000 monthly income by just writing words in Malaysia. I believe most of the people will be happy right if people willing pay you for what you write. With RM100K monthly, you can hire people write content for you, eat whatever food you want or do anythings that you like. If you’re an employee, you will certainly understand the feelings of being a salaryman illustrated in the video below.

When day by day past, it seems that the “Twenty Seven Eight Year Old 我今年二十七八岁” story is so real when you come out to work in the society. It’s like a survival of the fittest world and you will be grateful to have your happy honeymoon study life back in college. They’re many people in “wolf mask” that you will never know.

Your current “success” in academic field will be measured by how much money you can make.
 Around 7.30pm I make a move from office and the journey tends to be a little lonely.

Upon arrived home at 8.30pm, I just starting to have my dinner prepared by mother and felt grateful for it.

Do you agree that quiet people have the loudest minds?

Later on, I continue my research on something. It seems that my sharing about 7 years part time blogging experience or how to earn money using your 24 hour blog post no longer relevant these days. Bloggers seems to be getting downside trends in someway and only bloggers will understand bloggers feelings. One of the reason for writing this post is to inspire people who is younger than me (junior of my school) to get some idea on what you would like to do if you see my similar life story shared.
 For instance, you can start building your own brand at any topic and focus on the topic at 12~18 year old period before you go into college. It is all about helping you to save time and cutting cost if you ever encounter my similar experience. At last, just be yourself no matter what they say!

Success is all about the iceberg illusion where you don’t know what people had sacrifice to reach the top of iceberg that people see.

As an ending for this blog post, I would like to share a Thailand song from the Top Ittipat Billionaire movie shown below.

Sometime I just “pat” myself that I already very good already since I’m a “one man show” in blogging experience to cheer myself up. Who really can maintain for 9 freaking years despite some January 2014 incident happened on the past. Maybe need wait till the day getting million dollar funding only can really do the things you want to do in life. Stay positive!

Originally published at on April 13, 2016.