Nescafe Red Mug Coffee Machine @ Unboxing In Malaysia Experience

Today is kinda moody day for me because I felt “cheated/scammed” RM100 in someway when I bought an “E-Book” online for the first time regarding the method on how to earn extra money with Uber. Anyways, the lesson learned here is there is no such thing as totally FREE in this world and the reason you get cheated is mostly due to your own greed. After office hour end, I just carpool my Indonesian friend back to Setia City mall as it is his last trip for sitting my car. Upon arrived home, mother cooked simple noodle as our dinner. After some moment, mother informed me that there is a big parcel for me and I guess I already knew what it is about. Apparently it is a Nescafe Red Mug coffee machine that I bought online for RM118++ after coupon discount during last week when I saw the following advertisement.

Later on the night, I just un-boxing the Nescafe Red Mug machine in my room.

It comes with a 4 packs of 200g Nescafé classic refill pack and another 4 packs of 200g Nescafé classic refill fresh pick pack.

I kinda like the packaging of their box with its simple description.

Upon opening inside the Nescafe Red Mug box, you can see there is a FREE Nescafe glass mug, user manual book and a 2 years warranty card from the date of purchase.

The user manual book is clear and you can make different type of coffee from Cappuccino, Mocha, Espresso, Latte, Coffeenista, Nescafe O, Ice coffee/Latte or their special Santan Latte by following the guide provided as shown below.

After I took inspect the Nescafe Red Mug coffee maker machine, it seems that the coffee stand is missing and I found out it is actually inside the water tank.

After that, I took the Nescafe Red Mug machine to the ground floor and tried to make a coffee

Well, you just need to press the On button and wait for 40 second for it to turn green colour from red colour.

Then you just need to pour in the coffee packet into the top and close it.

For cappuccino, just turn the knob to the left/frothing jet or turn the knob to the right for coffee and stop when desired amount is reached. Somehow I tried to make Latte and it seems my I had failed for the first time.

I guess the reason I fail to make Latte is because I don’t have the Nescafe Coffee Mate to be added inside the coffee.

Overall it is a great experience to learn something new today about making coffee although I’m not a coffee person. Anyways, I guess I will use it to make Milo drink next time or any other packet/sachet drink in future.

Originally published at on May 19, 2016.