Restaurant Seafood Chiem Choo (珍珠海鲜酒家) Since 1972 @ Klang Experience

Today is another new day of life. I had been practicing to be grateful about the small little things that happen in my life recently. Apparently I do have quite a good job now if I didn’t think the down side of it because it is better than the previous company’s benefit and salary. This morning I has been listening to 988 radio FM. The morning topic is quite interesting as the DJ ask “Would your life partner is a calculative person in term of money” whether you’re in a relationship or married. A lot of girls call in and talk about their life partner either prefer “AA” or stingy type. I suddenly have a thought which is “Guys ah guys, jia you to earn $$$ first lah, don’t so stingy or will end up no girlfriend” and guess I will stay single at this moment until I become rich one day? Anyways, there is no exact way nor right or wrong in life and I think the most important is live until the fullest without having any regret.
 After office hour end, I stay extra 2 hour in office before departing back home. Somehow I was curious whether is there any play to eat at Petaling Jaya and preferable less than RM10 a meal. Anyways, I just drove back Klang and didn’t have my lunch at KL area. Upon reaching home, somehow I decided to try out this Restaurant Seafood Chiem Choo (珍珠海鲜酒家) at Batu Belah. This place is famous for “茨粉根” (some sort of noodle) and I just parked my car at the back of the restaurant.

I was quite shocked to see that there is a “water turtle” inside the aquarium.

Anyways, I ordered the famous “Shu Fen Geng” and a plate of “Dong Bo Rou” (东坡肉) as my dinner upon seated.

As for the drinks, I ordered just a fresh fragrance coconut.
 All the food is being served within 25 minute of waiting time.

The fresh fragrance coconut taste is quite nice for me. The “Shu Fan Gan” (茨粉根) taste is a bit different from other as they use flat noodle but the taste is okay for me although I prefer another type of noodle.

The “Dong Bo Rou” (东坡肉) is served with a “mantao” bun.

I put the pork meat inside the bun and it taste awesome upon eating.

The total bills is RM28.50 as the fresh coconut cost RM5.50, noodle cost RM10 and pork meat with bun cost RM11/RM2. Below is the details of Restaurant Seafood Chiem Choo, 珍珠海鲜酒家(SA0027380-P) at Klang.

Address: Lot 236, Jalan Sungai Putus, Batu Belah, 42100 Klang, Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia.
 Business Hour: 11.30am — 2.30pm; 5.30pm to 10.30pm (Daily)
 Contact: :+603–3342 0058 / +6016–313 3336


Besides, the staff recommended to try out the prawn dish if I visit here next time. Somehow I just got to know this place has been operating since 1972 although I have lived nearby here for over 20++ years.

Truth to be told, I have been passing this restaurant since I was young and always drive pass everyday. Besides, this route also make me remember someone staying nearby and next 7 days is “someone” birthday. Seriously I just felt myself “funny” in someway. Finally I arrived home at 9.20pm. Remember the story that I shared about my father’s friend spend RM2,000,000 to treat his cancer treatment at Singapore last time? Well, my mother just told me that his friend, Mr Lee had pass away yesterday and father went to his house today. He is my father classmate and it is sad to know this news as he is same age with my father. I just felt that life is short, be happy as we don’t know when is our turn to leave this world. Frankly speaking, I just hope that I can accomplish the things that I wish to have at young age. At this moment, I hope I can live my life to the fullest. Stay positive!

Originally published at on February 19, 2016.