Stop Blogging For 10 Days Experience @ Friend Wedding Day Feelings

Well, it has been almost 10 days past since my last blog post about Malaysian Entrepreneur Convention (MEC) 2016. Truth to be told, I’m facing some “legal” issue recently and still undergo some tough process that somehow had left me a traumatized feelings. For now, I just hope the issue can resolve as soon as possible without leaving any bad record for myself. It is no joke when come to this kind of offense and I just felt sad that people are finding the flaws of my past life back in 2014. Seriously I really learned a very hard lesson here and the moral of the story is never every share such personal info about yourself in life, even you’re carrying a good intention in someway. Just can say what’s goes around, comes around as you’re facing the consequences of your own action. Certainly I wish I can still continue to write my life story although I know that I had been “monitored” recently by some authority.
 Initially blogging should be a fun and easy way to express your feelings but somehow it has changed recently even if you’re using an anonymous name. As you grown older, you will start to have a lot of barriers to do the things that you once liked and your needs and wants will changed over time. After I had stop blogging for 10 days, I realized that the following changes.

1) More Time. I have more time to actually sit down and thinking what I want to do next.
 2) More Rest. I rest more with a peace of mind without thinking to rush some food review post.
 3) Read More. I read more those quality contents and having self reflect on myself.
 4) Play Games. I spent time to play games that I like just for leisure.
 5) Finding Value. I start to find the stuff that might able to add value to myself.
 Apparently the 5 things that I mention above might not be something related to do with the cons of blogging but everything have a 2 side of story as it depends how you see it. During the night of today, I went to one of my friend wedding day. Well, we’re friend since kindergarten, primary school, secondary school and now going through his wedding did left me some deep thought about what I’m doing with my life. No doubt that humans is easily affected by others people if you’re not mentally strong enough to endure “something” in someway.
 Comparison and Jealousy, I still felt that this is the main 2 reason that changed someone in someway. In life, I guess I’m one of the people who like to keep track myself whether I had do the right things on each year as I grown older. For instance, the expectation of having education and salary in Malaysia is illustrated as below.
 a) Age 17~21/22 — Study college/degree, borrow study loan if no $$.
 b) Age 21/22 — Finish degree after 4 years.
 c) Age 23 — Working first job earning RM2,000.
 d) Age 24 — Working and salary RM3,000
 e) Age 25 — Working and salary RM4,000
 f) Age 26 — Working and salary RM5,000~RM6,000
 g) Age 27 — Working and salary RM6,000~RM7,000
 h) Age 28 — Working and salary RM7,000~RM8,000
 i) Age 29 — Working and salary RM9,000~RM10,000
 j) Age 30 to old — Start your own business and earn X amount of $$ depend on your own capabilities.
 So looking at the illustrated graph above, it seems that it is a realistic amount that can be achieve by anyone who works in Malaysia as an employee right? However, this is not the real scenario when I look into myself at my current age which is not even close to that figure. Please note that this is just the expectation of what people’s expect the salary should be since the cost of living is high but not the reality of salary range in Malaysia. Apparently a friend who fetch me go the friend’s wedding dinner did ask me such question and I just have “some feelings” as he already achieved as we’re same age. However, I guess problem start to arise when you have make more money because you can start to spend on someone. It seems that $$ can somehow built some confidence for a low self esteem guy in someway and please don’t take my word seriously or felt offended.
 Hence, I guess this is one of the reason why people say guy’s partner always start later in life if you don’t know how to chase girl at early stage. It is because you need to somehow have a stable financial for yourself before start to find a life partner if you had missed out those “college romance” moment where people always said about “Bread Or Love” (面包和爱情) and “Love and Water” (有情人,喝水饱) story. Somehow time past really fast and you don’t really have much time to actually make a correct decision in life because it is all about trial and error as everyone is different. In short, it means that what works on you might not works the same for another person.
 In the ends, it is all about Matters Of Time (MOT) to get the things that you want. One things for sure is everyone wish to get the things that they wants at younger age instead of achieving it at old age. Throughout my friend wedding day night, I just felt everyone is going through their own path of life as my peers seems to be setting up their own family. As for myself, I just live on everyday as it was my last day of life and be grateful for everything that happened. Before I end my post, feel free to read this article about “Unless You’re Oprah, ‘Be Yourself’ Is Terrible Advice” from The New York Times and I end my post with the following picture.

Hopefully everything will past fast and my case will settle soon. Be positive!

Originally published at on June 6, 2016.