How to Make a Back Scratcher at Home

This year, if you are looking for innovative ideas or things to gift your parents, then you have come to the right place. You shall be able to make a back scratcher for your parents by yourself, and this shall help them at all times. You may thank us later.

Actually, this is one of the most underrated things in the house, but in times of great itchiness, nothing works better than the back scratcher is something we all know. As we grow older, due to lack of physical agility, reaching back to our waist or middle of the back is going to be difficult. Further, those people suffering from rheumatism or other nerve problems that prevent them from straining their arms or stretching it would need electric back scratcher.

In fact, many people use fingernails to scratch their backs, and in the case of extreme itchiness, one might end up leaving angry weal on the back. This is why it is necessary to go for buying or making back scratcher at home for yourself and your parents.

DIY Back scratcher ideas to try at home:

The earliest Chinese and Inuits used whale teeth as back scratchers, and we know of many other people using ivory tusks or bamboo canes as well. However, today, we can think of using something easily available for scratching backs. We shall discuss a few DIY hacks to get back scratcher at home.

  1. Corn cob back scratcher: A natural scrub is the corn cob, and it is indeed healthy to use. Just make sure that you remove the corn and let it dry in the sun for a couple of days before you think of using it as a back scratcher. It is easy to use. Try to fix it to a thin stick using cello tape and use it for reaching to the back.
  2. Hand crafted back scratcher: Try to size up a foot or a foot and half long cane and attach a small fork styled wooden piece at the end with a tack or glue. Sand paper the attached portion and lacquers it for getting an even and strong finish.
  3. Artsy back scratcher: Many people who are good with the art of working with wood or steel can even do ornamental designs on the stick. It shall give the back scratcher a pretty look.

Things to remember

However, you would have to keep in mind that the back scratchers that you make out of wood would need a little carving at the end to get claws to help to scratch. So, keep that in mind and take a bit longer wooden stick for making the back scratcher.

Try to punch a hole at the other end of the electric back scratcher so that you can hang it on a nail or peg on the wall after use. Do not use fancy beads or prickly pointy designs on the length of the back scratcher that might cause inconvenience to the user.

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