Robert Mercer. A 250 word document that can be used to send as a Letter to the Editor of newspapers. Feel free to copy/paste and sign your own name to this. Spread the word about Mercer. Many people do not know or understand about him and the danger he presents to American principles.

We vote believing we are choosing one individual for an open position. This belief might not be entirely correct. Some say the billionaire Robert Mercer controls many elected officials. Per Steve Bannon, Mercer “…had the single biggest impact of anybody, including the Kochs” on American politics.
 Not familiar with Mercer? Please see presented information that can be verified via credible sources.
 — Hedge fund CEO.
 — Algorithms/analytics master. 
 — Sits on the Council for National Policy (CNP) with Bannon, DeVos, Conway & VP Pence. 
 — Owes $6.8 BILLION in back taxes.
 — +$45 million to Republican campaigns. 
 — +$55 million to ultra conservative “non profits” (Super PACs, Think Tanks, etc).
 — $10 million to Breitbart news. Steve Bannon, CEO.
 — +$22 million to organizations discrediting climate change.
 — Invested in Cambridge Analytica that “uses data to change audience behavior.” Has profiles of +200 million American voters. 
 — $235,000 to the National Republican Congressional Committee the day Comey testified.
 — $666,000 to the Republican National Committee the day Comey fired.
 — Contributes to Trump’s legal defense fund.
Mercer’s Agenda?
 — Reduce government to “size of a pinhead”.
 — Eliminate assistance programs (Medicaid, Medicare, etc). 
 — Undermine belief in factual news sources. 
 — End immigration, end free trade, push white supremacy ideology. 
 — Control government messaging. CA’s parent company is working with U.S. State Dept to erase/change narratives on documents. 
 — Revise tax laws to benefit top 1%. 
 — Rewrite the Constitution via States Constitutional Convention. Yes, rewrite our Constitution.