Thank you so much for your response.
Vincent Turner

Thanks, Vincent. When I hear commenters talking about how my article is “promoting homosexuality,” it makes me a little crazy. (Not you, others.) It smacks of people who think homosexuality is a somehow a choice. What I think they are actually getting at instead is the equally unsupportable view that “promoting homosexuality” is promoting a lifestyle that is promiscuous and dangerous. 
I know gay couples who have been married for decades and I know heterosexual people who are dangerously promiscuous and self destructive. No group has cornered the market on dangerous self destructive behavior.
The phrase “promoting homosexuality” could only exist in a world where we would differentiate ourselves from other human beings in the most absurd ways, creating faultlines along our most fundamental human aspects. We might as well talk about “promoting breathing.” We are what we are and its time to stop shaming people for every possible aspect of being human. Your message of a lifetime of courage is inspiring.

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