Trump economic head: Whether millions have insurance is ‘interesting’ but beside the point
Josh Israel

Healthcare in this country is a trillion drag on the US economy. One would think it would be in the best interest of both parties to find a solution that works for the people and the nation. Its a complex problem however, that goes beyond just affordable healthcare. Insurance companies are for profit businesses, most of them traded on the stock market. Those who own these stocks want a return on their investments. Dr.’s put out a tremendous amount of money or accumulate huge debt in becoming a Dr. They want to be able to make a decent living, pay off their debt or recoup their investment in themselves. Big pharmaceutical companies expend vast amounts of money researching new drugs that could one day benefit people in need and like the insurance companies, they have stockholders who want to see a return. Diagnostic equipment makers, office supplies, computer networks etc… Where do we find savings, cut costs? How do we protect the most vulnerable with bankrupting the nation. Every state has a insurance commission that allows these high rate increases. Do we start there? Trumpcare will not be any more affordable than Obamacare. It will just cover fewer people.

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