GitHub does not think I’m human

Run program:

  1. Go to personal website hosted by GitHub Pages.
Status code error.

2. Experience surprise.

3. Go to GitHub profile.

Jedi mind tricks do not work for the inorganic.

3. Experience alarm.

4. Sign into GitHub.

5. See warning:

One of our mostly harmless robots seems to think you are not a human.
Oh no! Did GitHub discover my secret?

6. Experience panic.

7. Take deep breaths.

8. Re-read message and formulate a plan.

9. Follow the directions and contact support. When writing the support request, make sure that a human voice is used.

10. Wait…

self.sleep(1000 * 60 * 60 * 24)

11. Check email.

12. Celebrate and rejoice.

Do the robot.