Americans Are Too Afraid To Open Their Eyes

The Problem With American Politics? We Are Blinded & Incited By Fear

The American public and media now live in the last 15 minutes of Batman Begins. Scarecrow poisons Gotham’s population with a hallucinogen that makes people see each other as horrifying monsters. Desperate to protect themselves, Gotham’s citizens start fighting each other for survival when in reality they are safe, but their worst fears are being projected onto their fellow citizens. Batman brings Gotham’s public back to reality before they tear each other apart.

Sadly, we have Trump instead of Batman. And we have Fake News instead of Scarecrow.

I read the following on left-leaning

Ultimately, Donald Trump, the Republican Party and the conservative movement hope to create a country where democracy exists in a superficial way, while a small group of moneyed interests and other authoritarians rule over the majority of the American people without restraints. Racism and white supremacy are a means to accomplish this goal. Source

This is an unsubstantiated, indefensible lie. Conservatives are united by their beliefs. Perhaps the core traditional American value is that the “Individual” is sacred. Ben Franklin’s proclamation that “it is better 100 guilty Persons should escape than that one innocent Person should suffer” echoes the same philosophical value (that the individual is sacred) as our system of due process that requires defendants are innocent until proven guilty and not vice versa. Conservatives adore freedom and fairness. “I’ve worked to earn X. So why should anyone — a king a union or the IRS — be able to take it from me?” is a conservative rhetorical question. Conservatism (especially of the libertarian variety) naturally produces skepticism of authority. Conservatives are allergic to autocracy and oligarchy, not in favor of it.

Conservatism and progressivism are the Ying and Yang of American politics. We need both. Without progressivism we would still treat black Americans as 3/5ths a person. Without conservatism we wouldn’t have the quality of life yielded by decades of capitalism since the industrial revolution. We need both sides to come up with ideas, and we need to be able to say No and Yes. This is how decisions are made and how life goes on.

The curse of fear is thoroughly blinding America. Do not believe the news. And don’t rely on our government to save you. We The People need to open our eyes, and unclench our fists, or we’ll continue to blindly attack our neighbors instead of our problems.