Reme, I would love your insight on Fuse
Sam Buydens

No thanks, this is not something I would want to use.

First annoyance is that I both had to register to download and the registration/auth flow is broken, I had to reset my PW 3 seconds after signing up and managed to hit the 404 page twice there after.

This framework is closed source, past experience keeps me away from that as it too easily creates the scenario where something cannot be achieved as you are dependent on 1 small team for support and not a potentially endless community.

The primary defined editor is Sublime text, even though most devs moved over to atom ages ago, at the very least it could of checked which editor is installed and defaulted to the users choice, not disable the ‘Sublime Text 3’ button.

The language syntax is extremely non-standard, I do not have the time to learn a ‘new’ language when every other framework out there is trying as hard as possible to stay as close to standards as they can, maybe this is how native devs work, but it is not how Front-ends work.

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