Hire an Ethical Hacker NOW!

Do you think it sounds insane to hire a hacker? Well if you don’t have an ethical hacker on your security bunch then you are playing a threatening game.

Ethical hackers are called “white hat hackers” and are legal hackers, who help businesses find security problems in their networks. It is advisable to have a white hat hacker in a Developer and security teams. This helps them to know and understand from the beginning if the code is vulnerable. This is also known as “application security”.

Remesh Ramachandran with with Chris Roberts

How Important are Ethical Hackers?

Ethical hackers are very much important that even the largest companies in the world are adopting this practice. Let’s consider Microsoft as an example. They throw a competition for white hat hackers, and challenge them to find any bugs in their codes. This is called a “bounty”. One participant, was able to bypass every single security measure that Microsoft had. Just imagine what would be the situation if he was a bad guy?

Make it a practice to have this type of security solution for your company because these hackers can expose the various types of risks your company are likely to face. Besides many companies used white hat hackers to ensure that they are complying with legal standards, such as HIPAA.

Wouldn’t Security Audits Work?

A security audit is basically a checklist for what a network has and doesn’t have in place. Ethical hacking is a real-world test whereas a security audit isn’t. The job of a white hat hacker is to find as many loop holes in the code as possible, and then report them back to the company. Another advantage of hiring an ethical hacker is that the information they provide helps to enhance the detection quality of products. An audit will not be able to get this information.

What Does It Mean For Your Company?

It is important that you become aware that an ethical hacker can help you in your business. A strong security program focusses on both the security of the code and the program’s security when it runs. This is where an ethical hacker will be most beneficial.

So, when you think about the staffing, make sure to add an ethical hacker too. It could be the difference between keeping your data safe or being the victim of a real hacker.

Remesh Ramachandran

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