When working with MongoDB you can sign up with the cloud version using MongoDB Atlas . However if you wish to run a server locally on your MAC you may encounter an issue .

I hope this helps anyone having the same issue i ran into recently after upgrading my OS to Catalina

step 1 , go to mongo download page

step 2 . go to MongoDb.com home page and then software — community software , pick current release and your OS version

So i had an issue setting up Mongo on my MAC .

The DOM (Document Object Model) is formed from the HTML that is received from a server. … Each of the rendering objects contains its corresponding DOM object (or a text block) plus the calculated styles. In other words, the render tree describes the visual representation of a DOM.

We start with an overview of browser actions when rendering a page:

Below we highlight how a browser renders a page

  1. The DOM (Document Object Model) is formed from the HTML that is received from a server.
  2. Styles are loaded and parsed, forming the CSSOM (CSS Object Model).
  3. On top of DOM…

A closer look At Function Declarations , Function Expressions and Arrow Functions .

()=> 🙂

In JavaScript these are concepts that have stumped me a bit and i still struggle with at times , however taking a closer look at them i have actually come to appreciate these concepts .

Learning the differences as well as how each works under the hood has helped me appreciate why we have them and the pros and cons of each one

  1. Function Declaration

Function Declaration: a function, declared as a separate statement, in the main code flow.

A Function Declaration defines a named…


Enumerables are a set of Modules in Ruby that allow us to traverse , search or sort over a collection of data . There are many methods which we can use to achieve this ( see full list in the ruby docs here : https://ruby-doc.org/core-2.6.5/Enumerable.html )

For someone who is new to this concept I think it’s important to learn how to use a few of these methods as opposed to trying to understand how they all work . Here are a few handy ones which you can use to achieve a lot .


The Each Method is…

REST (i.e. Representation State Transfer) is an architectural style for applications. The actions CRUD refers to all of the major functions implemented in relational database applications. In fact, each letter maps to a standard SQL statement.

Actions on database records are usually guided not by REST principles, but by CRUD.

CRUD is an abbreviation of Create, Read, Update, Delete, the four basic functions of persistent storage.

REST uses HTTP requests to perform CRUD Operations

HTTP requests : GET, PUT, POST and DELETE


In other words it uses GET to retrieve…

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