I also faced this problem while working in a team of 4 — 5 designers at Lazada (big ecommerce…
Thai Lam

PM and QA (like everyone else) want to get their job done. What is that job?How are perfect pixel mockups helping them achieve that? Can you help them achieve that in a way that fits your objective too? Those are questions you need answered to discover how far you can push. And as a designer, you have the most underestimated tool to do that: empathy.

And regarding new needs, don’t treat as exceptions. Treat them as additional needs that your design system must satisfy. If you think of your design system as a product, it becomes natural that the users’ needs and your understanding of them will evolve.

The hardest part of such a project is indeed relevance over time. Finding the sweet spot between keeping things consistent without being rigid.

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